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1 arcsec = 7.716E-7 cir
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How to Convert Seconds Of Arc to Circles

To convert a second of arc measurement to a circle measurement, divide the angle by the conversion ratio.

Since one circle is equal to 1,296,000 seconds of arc, you can use this simple formula to convert:

circles = seconds of arc ÷ 1,296,000

The angle in circles is equal to the seconds of arc divided by 1,296,000.

For example, here's how to convert 5,000,000 seconds of arc to circles using the formula above.
5,000,000" = (5,000,000 ÷ 1,296,000) = 3.858025 cir

Seconds of arc and circles are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Seconds Of Arc

The second of arc is a unit of angle equal to 1/60th of one minute of arc or 1/3,600 of one degree.

A second of arc is sometimes also referred to as an arc second or arcsecond. Seconds of arc can be abbreviated as arcsec, and are also sometimes abbreviated as asec. For example, 1 second of arc can be written as 1 arcsec or 1 asec.

The second of arc is most commonly expressed using a double prime (″), though a double quote is often used as well. For example, 1 second of arc is most often written as 1″.


A circle is the equivalent of 1 revolution around a circle, or 360°.

A circle is sometimes also referred to as a revolution. Circles can be abbreviated as cir; for example, 1 circle can be written as 1 cir.

Second Of Arc to Circle Conversion Table

Second of arc measurements converted to circles
Seconds Of Arc Circles
1" 0.0000007716 cir
2" 0.0000015432 cir
3" 0.0000023148 cir
4" 0.0000030864 cir
5" 0.000003858 cir
6" 0.0000046296 cir
7" 0.0000054012 cir
8" 0.0000061728 cir
9" 0.0000069444 cir
10" 0.000007716 cir
100" 0.00007716 cir
1,000" 0.000772 cir
10,000" 0.007716 cir
100,000" 0.07716 cir
1,000,000" 0.771605 cir
10,000,000" 7.716 cir

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