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1 mil = 0.000156 cir

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How to Convert Mils to Circles

To convert a measurement in mils to a measurement in circles, divide the angle by the following conversion ratio: 6,400 mils/circle.

Since one circle is equal to 6,400 mils, you can use this simple formula to convert:

circles = mils ÷ 6,400

The angle in circles is equal to the angle in mils divided by 6,400.

For example, here's how to convert 5,000 mils to circles using the formula above.
circles = (5,000 mil ÷ 6,400) = 0.78125 cir

Mils and circles are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Mil?

A mil, short for milliradian, is equal to 1/6,400 of a circle. The mil used by the US military and NATO forces is slightly different than the true value of a milliradian, which is equal to 1/6,283 of a circle.

During World War I the US adopted what is now the NATO mil to replace degrees and minutes for use in artillery sights. They opted to round mils to 6,400 per circle for simplicity at the time. Today, the mil is commonly used to measure adjustment of sights and scopes of firearms.

There is rightfully much confusion as a result of the mil adopted by the US military and NATO being slightly different than the milliradian.

A mil is sometimes also referred to as an angular mil. Mils can be abbreviated as mil; for example, 1 mil can be written as 1 mil.

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What Is a Circle?

A circle is the equivalent of 1 revolution around a circle, or 360°.

A circle is sometimes also referred to as a revolution. Circles can be abbreviated as cir; for example, 1 circle can be written as 1 cir.

A circle is more commonly used to describe a round, symmetrical shape with no corners or edges than it is to describe plane angle. The shape is described by its radius and circumference.

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Mil to Circle Conversion Table

Table showing various mil measurements converted to circles.
Mils (NATO) Circles
1 mil 0.000156 cir
2 mil 0.000313 cir
3 mil 0.000469 cir
4 mil 0.000625 cir
5 mil 0.000781 cir
6 mil 0.000938 cir
7 mil 0.001094 cir
8 mil 0.00125 cir
9 mil 0.001406 cir
10 mil 0.001563 cir
20 mil 0.003125 cir
30 mil 0.004688 cir
40 mil 0.00625 cir
50 mil 0.007813 cir
60 mil 0.009375 cir
70 mil 0.010938 cir
80 mil 0.0125 cir
90 mil 0.014063 cir
100 mil 0.015625 cir
200 mil 0.03125 cir
300 mil 0.046875 cir
400 mil 0.0625 cir
500 mil 0.078125 cir
600 mil 0.09375 cir
700 mil 0.109375 cir
800 mil 0.125 cir
900 mil 0.140625 cir
1,000 mil 0.15625 cir
2,000 mil 0.3125 cir
3,000 mil 0.46875 cir
4,000 mil 0.625 cir
5,000 mil 0.78125 cir
6,000 mil 0.9375 cir
7,000 mil 1.0938 cir
8,000 mil 1.25 cir
9,000 mil 1.4063 cir
10,000 mil 1.5625 cir

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