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1 arcsec = 0.004938 mil

How to Convert Seconds Of Arc to Mils (NATO)

Protractors are often used to measure angle

To convert a second of arc measurement to a mil measurement, multiply the angle by the conversion ratio. One second of arc is equal to 0.004938 mils (NATO), so use this simple formula to convert:

mils (NATO) = seconds of arc × 0.004938

The angle in mils (NATO) is equal to the seconds of arc multiplied by 0.004938.

For example, here's how to convert 5 seconds of arc to mils (NATO) using the formula above.
5" = (5 × 0.004938) = 0.024691 mil

Seconds of arc and mils (NATO) are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Seconds Of Arc

The second of arc is a unit of angle equal to 1/60th of one minute of arc or 1/3,600 of one degree.

A second of arc is sometimes also referred to as an arc second or arcsecond. Seconds of arc can be abbreviated as arcsec, and are also sometimes abbreviated as asec. For example, 1 second of arc can be written as 1 arcsec or 1 asec.

The second of arc is most commonly expressed using a double prime (″), though a double quote is often used as well. For example, 1 second of arc is most often written as 1″.

Mils (NATO)

A mil, short for milliradian, is equal to 1/6,400 of a circle. The mil used by the US military and NATO forces is slightly different than the true value of a milliradian, which is equal to 1/6,283 of a circle.

During World War I the US adopted what is now the NATO mil to replace degrees and minutes for use in artillery sights. They opted to round mils to 6,400 per circle for simplicity at the time. Today, the mil is commonly used to measure adjustment of sights and scopes of firearms.

There is rightfully much confusion as a result of the mil adopted by the US military and NATO being slightly different than the milliradian.

A mil is sometimes also referred to as an angular mil. Mils (NATO) can be abbreviated as mil, for example 1 mil can be written as 1 mil.

Second Of Arc Measurements and Equivalent Mil Conversions

Common second of arc values converted to the equivalent mil value
Seconds Of Arc Mils (NATO)
1" 0.004938 mil
2" 0.009877 mil
3" 0.014815 mil
4" 0.019753 mil
5" 0.024691 mil
6" 0.02963 mil
7" 0.034568 mil
8" 0.039506 mil
9" 0.044444 mil
10" 0.049383 mil
11" 0.054321 mil
12" 0.059259 mil
13" 0.064198 mil
14" 0.069136 mil
15" 0.074074 mil
16" 0.079012 mil
17" 0.083951 mil
18" 0.088889 mil
19" 0.093827 mil
20" 0.098765 mil
21" 0.103704 mil
22" 0.108642 mil
23" 0.11358 mil
24" 0.118519 mil
25" 0.123457 mil
26" 0.128395 mil
27" 0.133333 mil
28" 0.138272 mil
29" 0.14321 mil
30" 0.148148 mil
31" 0.153086 mil
32" 0.158025 mil
33" 0.162963 mil
34" 0.167901 mil
35" 0.17284 mil
36" 0.177778 mil
37" 0.182716 mil
38" 0.187654 mil
39" 0.192593 mil
40" 0.197531 mil

More Second Of Arc Angle Conversions

Convert to Radians
1" is equal to 4.8481E-6 radians
Convert to Milliradians
1" is equal to 0.004848 milliradians
Convert to Degrees
1" is equal to 0.000278 degrees
Convert to Minutes Of Arc
1" is equal to 0.016667 minutes of arc
Convert to Gradians
1" is equal to 0.000309 gradians
Convert to Revolutions
1" is equal to 7.716E-7 revolutions
Convert to Circles
1" is equal to 7.716E-7 circles