Bio image of Monica Greer, PhD in Economics

Monica Greer, PhD in Economics

Monica Greer is a Senior Quantitative Analyst based in Kentucky, United States. Her role includes forecasting market shares for appliances, performing analysis and deriving price elasticities for clients.

Previously, she was a Senior Business Consultant and Economist, and a Senior Economist for the Louisville Gas and Electric Company, managing impacts of various carbon-related policies on customer demand and performed load research and analysis.

Monica is also currently an Adjunct Faculty member of the Department of Economics at Bellarmine University in Kentucky and taught previously at Jefferson Community College, University of Kentucky, and Indiana University.

Monica earned a PhD in economics from the University of Kentucky, an MA in economics from Indiana University, and a BBA in finance from the University of Kentucky. She was awarded into the University of Kentucky Honors Program, has published two books on cost modeling for electric utilities, and has published several refereed journal articles on related subjects.

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