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How to Calculate Your PFT Score

The USMC Physical Fitness Test, or PFT, and Combat Fitness Test, or CFT, are the Marine Corps fitness assessments. The Marine Corps requires all Marines to complete the PFT and CFT once per year.

The PFT is performed between January 1st and June 30th, and the CFT is performed between July 1st and December 31st to assess their physical readiness.

The test standards set a baseline physical standard based on a Marine’s age and gender. The outcome of the test is an overall point score, performance class, and letter that inputs into a Marine’s fitness report.

PFT Events

The PFT consists of three components: pull-ups or push-ups, plank hold, and a 3-mile run. The 5k row is an authorized alternative to the three-mile run for Marines 46 and older or for those who are medically authorized due to injury or post-partum status.

Marines can choose between push-ups or pull-ups.

Effective January 1, 2023, all Marines are required to perform the plank hold, and abdominal crunches are no longer an allowed alternative.[1] The calculator supports crunches for posterity, but they are no longer part of the PFT.


Marines need to score a minimum of 40 points on each event and achieve a minimum score of 150 points.

A Marine can score a maximum of 100 points for each event. However, only 70 points can be achieved for the push-up event. (Table 2-2 MCO 6100.13A)[2]

To calculate the score for each event in the PFT, refer to the official standard, which outlines the points and performance level based on each event’s results.[2][3]

The scores for the plank event have been updated to account for the updated minimum and maximum scores for 2022. The maximum plank score is now 3:45, reduced from 4:20, and the minimum score is now 1:10, increasing from 1:03.

The 3-mile run and the 5k row are scored dependent on altitude. For altitudes less than 4,500 ft, see Tables 2-5 and 2-7in MCO 6110.13A. For altitudes greater than 4,500 ft, see Tables 2-6 and 2-8 in MCO 6110.13A.

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PFT Performance Classes

The following chart shows the performance classes based on the number of points achieved in the PFT events.

Minimum number of points needed for each USMC performance class.
Points Class
235 – 300 1st Class
200 – 234 2nd Class
150 – 199 3rd Class
0 – 149 Unqualified

How to Calculate Your CFT Score

The USMC Combat Fitness Test, or CFT, is the Marine Corps’ combat readiness assessment.

CFT Events

The CFT complements the PFT to assess general fitness, specifically agility, coordination, and anaerobic capacity. The CFT consists of three events: movement to contact, ammo can lifts, and maneuver under fire.

The movement to contact phase assesses an 880-yard run on level ground in boots and the utility uniform.

The ammo can lift phase is a timed event involving the repetitive lift of a 30-pound ammunition can from shoulder height to overhead. The Marine has a maximum of 2 minutes to achieve the desired number of repetitions.

The maneuver under fire consists of a 300-yard shuttle run with a variety of tasks to complete, including crawls, buddy drags/carries, ammunition resupply, grenade throw, and agility running. For more detailed information on the CFT, see Chapter 3 of MCO 6100.13A.

The score on the PFT and CFT is important to a Marine’s career and has a direct impact on their promotion potential. A Marine’s numerical score on the PFT or CFT correlates with first, second, or third class.

The class corresponds to a letter A, B, or C that will enter into the Marine’s fitness report. For example, if a Marine scores 235 on the PFT, the Marine’s score is rated “first class.” First class corresponds to the letter “A,” which inputs into the Marine’s fitness report for that year.

A failure in either the PFT or the CFT will render an adverse fitness report, which places the Marine in a promotion restriction status until the failed test is passed or further administrative consequences occur.

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