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How to Calculate Pace for a Marathon, 5K, or 10K

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Determining your desired race pace is able to be done by calculating your stride, if you have the total running time and total distance available. Pace, also referred to as clip or stride, is a measure of speed, or rather the time it takes to travel a specified distance.

Start by converting the running time into seconds. You can do this by adding seconds with minutes multiplied by 60 and hours multiplied by 3600.

Next, divide the total time in seconds by the total distance. This is the pace in seconds. If the distance is in miles, then the result is per mile; if the distance is in kilometers, then it is per kilometer.

Finally, convert the pace in seconds to hours, minutes, and seconds format. To find the minutes, divide the number of seconds by 60.

The minutes will be the numbers to the left of the decimal point. To find the number of seconds after finding minutes, subtract the number of minutes × 60 from the pace in seconds. Our seconds time conversion calculator can help convert seconds to another format.

Example: let’s calculate the pace for a 2-mile run that took 15 minutes to complete.

Start by converting the time to seconds

seconds = 15 minutes × 60
seconds = 900

Then, divide the time in seconds by the distance traveled.

pace = 900 seconds / 2 miles
pace = 450 seconds

Finally, convert the pace from seconds into minutes.

pace = 450 seconds per mile / 60 seconds in a minute
pace = 7.5 minutes (7:30)

How to Determine How Far You’ve Run

You can determine the distance you’ve traveled if you know your pace and the total time. To calculate the distance run, simply divide the pace in seconds by the total time in seconds.

The result is the distance traveled.

Example: let’s calculate how far we can run in 30 minutes at a 7:30 pace.

Start by converting the time to seconds.

pace in seconds = 7.5 (7:30) × 60
pace in seconds = 450

Then calculate the total time from minutes to seconds.

time in seconds = 30 × 60
time in seconds = 1,800

Finally, divide the total time in seconds by the pace in seconds. This will be the total running distance.

distance = 1,800 seconds / 450 seconds per mile
distance = 4 miles

How to Estimate Your Total Running Time or Race Finish Time

You can calculate the total run time or race finish time using the pace and distance traveled. Convert the pace into seconds, then multiply by the total distance to find the elapsed time.

Finally, use the method above to convert seconds into time.

Example: let’s calculate the total run time for a 26.2 mile race running a 10:00 minute mile pace.

Start by converting the pace into seconds.

pace in seconds = 10 × 60
pace in seconds = 600

Then multiply the total distance by the pace in seconds.

finish time = 26.2 miles × 600 seconds
finish time = 15,720 seconds

Finally, convert the finish time from seconds into minutes or hours.

finish time = 15,720 seconds / 60 seconds in a minute
finish time = 262 minutes
finish time = 262 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour
finish time = 4.37 hours

You may also find our steps to miles calculator useful; it allows you to estimate how far you’ve run based on the number of steps taken.