Cost to Repair Tile – 2023 Cost Guide

Tile, in most cases, is a durable floor or wall covering. Tiles made from porcelain, ceramic, marble, or terracotta (clay) materials are durable but can be damaged. Stress or weight on a tile might reveal manufacturer defects after installation or use.

When you have cracked or broken tiles, procrastinating on handling the repair could lead to more expenses. You might rationalize putting off a replacement or repair thinking it is only a small crack or it’s hardly noticeable. However, moisture could seep through the crack and start to encourage the growth of mildew or mold.

Keep reading to learn more about the cost to repair cracked or damaged tile.

2023 Tile Repair Costs

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National Average Price $425
Typical Price Range $200 - $600

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How Much Does Tile Repair Cost?

The average cost to repair tile is $425, and most pay between $250 and $600 for repair projects. The price really depends on how many tiles must get repaired. Replacing a tile or two could be around $100. Typically, tile installers charge a minimum for a service call.

The cost of repair is often much less expensive than a full tile replacement. Learn more about the cost of new tile.

Several factors affect how much you will pay, and the most notable is labor. Labor rates for tile work vary widely, depending on your location. It can be challenging to determine what is fair and what is excessive. Busy installers will likely charge a premium hourly rate over those that are less established.

cracked floor tile in need to replacement

Tile Prices Per Square Foot

It’s generally recommended to save extra material from a flooring, backsplash, or shower project to allow for future repairs. If you have enough tile left over, then the cost for material will be minimal.

If you do not have a matching tile on hand, then expect to hunt around a bit for a close match. You may need to settle on one that has a close design, but that’s not a perfect match to the existing floor or walls.

New porcelain or ceramic tiles cost between $1.00 and $12 per square foot; granite $3.00 – $7.00; marble $5.00 to $50; polished stone is $10 – $12; or terracotta and slate as much as $15 – $40. Use our tile calculator to estimate the amount of replacement tile needed for a large space or entire area.

Need help finding square footage? Try our square feet calculator.

In the Bathroom

Expect to pay a minimum service call even for small cracks, damaged tiles, or replacements. The size of your bathroom, materials necessary, and complexity of the project will determine how much it will cost. Even when the estimate is $100 or $150 for a small project, costs could escalate when the wall substrate must get replaced.

In the Shower

You could pay $200 to $300 to repair a few tiles in the shower. When the entire shower needs to be replaced, it could cost up to $1,500. This price depends significantly on the type of tiles you need replaced. Additional expenses include necessary waterproofing, sheetrock replacement, and resealing. This entire process can be time-consuming, adding to the labor expense.

Floor Tiles

Replacing a floor tile or two can be inexpensive. However, when there is water damage to the subfloor, the entire floor might need to be torn up to fix the problem. Some tiles might be salvageable, but depending on the tile, you might not be able to replace those with a similar one.

Some homeowners in this situation might consider replacing the tile with linoleum or hardwood. However, there are creative methods to mix in new tiles to devise a mosaic or montage.

Pool Tiles

Replacing pool tiles can be expensive. The average price is $25 – $30 per square foot. Retiling a medium-sized pool with frost-free tiles can cost as much as $5,000. However, you do not have to replace stained tiles because a professional acid wash for $200 – $300 will clean up the stain.

Repairing Grout

Repairing grout can be a tricky process and should be left to a professional. Depending on the size of the area, it generally costs $200 – $400 and is less than replacing the tile.

Professional services can also color the grout to meet your request, clean stained grout, or seal it. If the grout is dirty, then a deep cleaning might be the right approach. Learn more about the cost of professionally cleaning grout.

Hiring a Professional Tile Installer for Repairs

Although you might be able to repair some tile issues, a professional installer can usually complete the project much faster with a better-looking repair. Grout repair or replacement demands a keen eye for color matching and specialized tools to get a long-lasting professional look.

We suggest getting several estimates for the repair. Why not try our contractor locator to get hassle-free estimates from pros in your area?

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.