Rise Over Run to Percent Slope Calculator

Calculate slope or grade percentage given the rise and run. Rise over run is sometimes referred to as a gradient.

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How to Calculate Slope Percentage

Percent slope, sometimes referred to as grade percentage or percent incline, is the slope of a line expressed as a percentage. Percent slope can be used to find the steepness of a line or terrain in the form of a percent.

You can find the slope percentage using a formula and a few simple steps.

The first step is to find the rise and the run of the line. If the rise and run are not in the same units of measurement, you can convert them to the same units using a length converter.

Then, divide the rise by the run to find the slope decimal form. Finally, multiply the decimal form by 100 to find the percentage.

Percent Slope Formula

Thus, the percent slope formula is:

% slope = rise / run × 100%

For example, given a rise of 5′ and a run of 15′:

% slope = 5 / 15 × 100%
% slope = .3333 × 100%
% slope = 33.33%

Rise is the amount of vertical height of a line and run is the amount of horizontal length of a line. Slope can be expressed as a gradient (rise/run), percentage, angle in degrees, or decimal.

You can also convert the slope into a fraction out of 100. Since percents are always out of 100, your percent will be the value that is in the place of the numerator.

You can also use our grade calculator to find the incline of an elevation.