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How to Calculate Body Fat

The US Navy has strict standards for body composition to remain on active duty service. The Navy Physical Fitness Assessment is a two-part assessment including the Body Composition Assessment and the Physical Readiness Test and Body Composition Assessment.

In addition to maximum weight, Guide 4 defines specific body fat percentage standards for a sailor’s age and gender that need to be met if a sailor’s weight exceeds the limit for their height.[1]

You’ll need a few body measurements to calculate body fat percentage using the US Navy standard. First, take the measurements below, using the instructions outlined in Guide 4. Then, use the formulas below to calculate body fat percentage.

Height: measured while standing straight without shoes. Per Guide 4, the member will stand on a flat surface, at attention, with head held horizontal, looking directly forward, with the line of vision horizontal, and the chin parallel to the deck.

Neck: circumference measured just below the larynx, or Adam’s apple, and perpendicular to the neck.

Waist: abdominal circumference measured on bare skin, across the naval and with the member’s arms down on the sides

Hips: circumference while facing the member’s right side by placing the tape around the hips so that it passes over the greatest protrusion of the gluteus muscles (buttocks) as viewed from the side.

Body Fat Formula for Males

The US Navy uses the following formula to calculate male body fat percentage:[2]

% body fat = [86.010 × log10(waist – neck)] – [70.041 × log10(height)] + 36.76

Male body fat percentage is equal to 86.010 times log10 of the waist minus the neck circumference, minus 70.041 times log10 of the height, plus 36.76.

Body Fat Formula for Females

The Navy uses the following formula to calculate female body fat percentage:

% body fat = [163.205 × log10(waist + hip – neck)] – [97.684 × log10(height)] – 78.387

Female body fat percentage is equal to 163.205 times log10 of the waist plus the hip minus the neck circumference, minus 97.684 times log10 of the height, plus 78.387.

US Navy Body Fat Standards

The standards for maximum body fat percentage, as defined in Guide 4 are shown in the table below.

Maximum body fat percentage requirements for male and female sailors defined in Guide 4.
Age Male Female
17-21 22% 33%
22-29 23% 34%
30-39 24% 35%
40 and older 26% 36%

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