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1 stC = 9.2657E-14 Ah

How to Convert Statcoulombs to Ampere-hours

To convert a statcoulomb measurement to a ampere-hour measurement, multiply the electric charge by the conversion ratio. One statcoulomb is equal to 9.2657E-14 ampere-hours, so use this simple formula to convert:

ampere-hours = statcoulombs × 9.2657E-14

The electric charge in ampere-hours is equal to the statcoulombs multiplied by 9.2657E-14.

For example, here's how to convert 5 statcoulombs to ampere-hours using the formula above.
5 stC = (5 × 9.2657E-14) = 4.6328E-13 Ah

Statcoulombs and ampere-hours are both units used to measure electric charge. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One statcoulomb is the electric charge equal to one statampere of current over one second. One statcoulomb is the amount of electrical charge, that if two like objects carrying a charge of of one statcoulomb each are placed with the center of charge one centimeter apart, the objects repel each other with a force of one dyne.

The statcoulomb is a centimeter-gram-second (CGS) electrostatic unit of electric charge. A statcoulomb is sometimes also referred to as a franklinESU. Statcoulombs can be abbreviated as stC, and are also sometimes abbreviated as statC. For example, 1 statcoulomb can be written as 1 stC or 1 statC.


One ampere-hour is the electric charge equal to the charge conveyed by a current of one ampere for one hour. One ampere-hour is equal to 3,600 coulombs.

The ampere-hour is a non-SI metric unit for electric charge. A ampere-hour is sometimes also referred to as an amp-hour. Ampere-hours can be abbreviated as Ah, for example 1 ampere-hour can be written as 1 Ah.

Statcoulomb Measurements and Equivalent Ampere-hour Conversions

Common statcoulomb values converted to the equivalent ampere-hour value
Statcoulombs Ampere-hours
1 stC 0.000000000000092657 Ah
2 stC 0.00000000000018531 Ah
3 stC 0.00000000000027797 Ah
4 stC 0.00000000000037063 Ah
5 stC 0.00000000000046328 Ah
6 stC 0.00000000000055594 Ah
7 stC 0.0000000000006486 Ah
8 stC 0.00000000000074125 Ah
9 stC 0.00000000000083391 Ah
10 stC 0.00000000000092657 Ah
11 stC 0.0000000000010192 Ah
12 stC 0.0000000000011119 Ah
13 stC 0.0000000000012045 Ah
14 stC 0.0000000000012972 Ah
15 stC 0.0000000000013899 Ah
16 stC 0.0000000000014825 Ah
17 stC 0.0000000000015752 Ah
18 stC 0.0000000000016678 Ah
19 stC 0.0000000000017605 Ah
20 stC 0.0000000000018531 Ah
21 stC 0.0000000000019458 Ah
22 stC 0.0000000000020385 Ah
23 stC 0.0000000000021311 Ah
24 stC 0.0000000000022238 Ah
25 stC 0.0000000000023164 Ah
26 stC 0.0000000000024091 Ah
27 stC 0.0000000000025017 Ah
28 stC 0.0000000000025944 Ah
29 stC 0.000000000002687 Ah
30 stC 0.0000000000027797 Ah
31 stC 0.0000000000028724 Ah
32 stC 0.000000000002965 Ah
33 stC 0.0000000000030577 Ah
34 stC 0.0000000000031503 Ah
35 stC 0.000000000003243 Ah
36 stC 0.0000000000033356 Ah
37 stC 0.0000000000034283 Ah
38 stC 0.000000000003521 Ah
39 stC 0.0000000000036136 Ah
40 stC 0.0000000000037063 Ah

More Statcoulomb Electric Charge Conversions

SI Units
Convert to Coulombs
1 stC is equal to 3.3356E-10 coulombs
Convert to Millicoulombs
1 stC is equal to 3.3356E-7 millicoulombs
Convert to Microcoulombs
1 stC is equal to 0.000334 microcoulombs
Convert to Nanocoulombs
1 stC is equal to 0.333565 nanocoulombs
Convert to Picocoulombs
1 stC is equal to 333.564605 picocoulombs
Centimetre–Gram–Second Units
Convert to Abcoulombs
1 stC is equal to 3.3356E-11 abcoulombs
Other Units
Convert to Electron Charge
1 stC is equal to 2,081,946,733.1 electron charge
Convert to Milliampere-hours
1 stC is equal to 9.2657E-11 milliampere-hours