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1 kgf/cm² = 735.55924 Torr

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How to Convert Kilograms per Square Centimeter to Torr

To convert a kilogram per square centimeter measurement to a torr measurement, multiply the pressure by the conversion ratio.

Since one kilogram per square centimeter is equal to 735.55924 torr, you can use this simple formula to convert:

torr = kilograms per square centimeter × 735.55924

The pressure in torr is equal to the kilograms per square centimeter multiplied by 735.55924.

For example, here's how to convert 5 kilograms per square centimeter to torr using the formula above.
5 kgf/cm² = (5 × 735.55924) = 3,677.7962 Torr

Kilograms per square centimeter and torr are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Kilograms per Square Centimeter?

One kilogram per square centimeter is the pressure of equal to one kilogram-force per square centimeter.

The kilogram per square centimeter is a non-SI metric unit for pressure. A kilogram per square centimeter is sometimes also referred to as a kilogram per square centimetre or kilogram-force per centimeter square. Kilograms per square centimeter can be abbreviated as kgf/cm²; for example, 1 kilogram per square centimeter can be written as 1 kgf/cm².

In formal expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to separate units used to indicate division in an expression.[1]

The unit is deprecated and not permitted for use with SI units, although it is still in use as some precision measuring devices still use the unit.

Kilograms per square centimeter can be expressed using the formula:
1 kgf/cm2 = 1 kgf / cm2

Pressure in kilograms per square centimeter are equal to the kilogram-force divided by the area in square centimeters.

Learn more about kilograms per square centimeter.

What is a Torr?

The torr is a measure of pressure equal to 1/760 of an atmosphere. Torr is based on an absolute scale of pressure, which is equivalent to the atmospheric pressure plus the gauge pressure.

The torr is a non-SI metric unit for pressure. Torr can be abbreviated as Torr; for example, 1 torr can be written as 1 Torr.

Learn more about torr.

Kilogram per Square Centimeter to Torr Conversion Table

Table showing various Kilogram per square centimeter measurements converted to torr.
Kilograms Per Square Centimeter Torr
1 kgf/cm² 735.56 Torr
2 kgf/cm² 1,471 Torr
3 kgf/cm² 2,207 Torr
4 kgf/cm² 2,942 Torr
5 kgf/cm² 3,678 Torr
6 kgf/cm² 4,413 Torr
7 kgf/cm² 5,149 Torr
8 kgf/cm² 5,884 Torr
9 kgf/cm² 6,620 Torr
10 kgf/cm² 7,356 Torr
11 kgf/cm² 8,091 Torr
12 kgf/cm² 8,827 Torr
13 kgf/cm² 9,562 Torr
14 kgf/cm² 10,298 Torr
15 kgf/cm² 11,033 Torr
16 kgf/cm² 11,769 Torr
17 kgf/cm² 12,505 Torr
18 kgf/cm² 13,240 Torr
19 kgf/cm² 13,976 Torr
20 kgf/cm² 14,711 Torr
21 kgf/cm² 15,447 Torr
22 kgf/cm² 16,182 Torr
23 kgf/cm² 16,918 Torr
24 kgf/cm² 17,653 Torr
25 kgf/cm² 18,389 Torr
26 kgf/cm² 19,125 Torr
27 kgf/cm² 19,860 Torr
28 kgf/cm² 20,596 Torr
29 kgf/cm² 21,331 Torr
30 kgf/cm² 22,067 Torr
31 kgf/cm² 22,802 Torr
32 kgf/cm² 23,538 Torr
33 kgf/cm² 24,273 Torr
34 kgf/cm² 25,009 Torr
35 kgf/cm² 25,745 Torr
36 kgf/cm² 26,480 Torr
37 kgf/cm² 27,216 Torr
38 kgf/cm² 27,951 Torr
39 kgf/cm² 28,687 Torr
40 kgf/cm² 29,422 Torr


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