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1 beer = 0.003024 bbl

How to Convert Beers to Beer Barrels

conversion scale showing beers and equivalent beer barrels beer volume values

To convert a beer measurement to a beer barrel measurement, multiply the beer volume by the conversion ratio.

Since one beer is equal to 0.003024 beer barrels, you can use this simple formula to convert:

beer barrels = beers × 0.003024

The beer volume in beer barrels is equal to the beers multiplied by 0.003024.

For example, here's how to convert 500 beers to beer barrels using the formula above.
500 beers = (500 × 0.003024) = 1.512097 bbl

Beers and beer barrels are both units used to measure beer volume. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


The standard beer in the US is 12 fl. oz. and is often distributed in a bottle or can, however aluminum bottles are rising in popularity. There are various other bottle and can sizes, such as the bomber or forty. Beer bottles are available in several shapes, ranging from the stubby to the long-neck.

The beer is a US customary unit of beer volume.

Beer Barrels

The beer barrel is a standard unit of volume for importing beer in the US, equal to 3,968 fluid ounces. Kegs in the US are often sized in portions of the beer barrel such as the half-barrel keg or quarter-barrel keg.

The beer barrel is a US customary unit of beer volume. Beer barrels can be abbreviated as bbl; for example, 1 beer barrel can be written as 1 bbl.

Beer to Beer Barrel Conversion Table

Beer measurements converted to beer barrels
Beers Beer Barrels
1 0.003024 bbl
2 0.006048 bbl
3 0.009073 bbl
4 0.012097 bbl
5 0.015121 bbl
6 0.018145 bbl
7 0.021169 bbl
8 0.024194 bbl
9 0.027218 bbl
10 0.030242 bbl
20 0.060484 bbl
30 0.090726 bbl
40 0.120968 bbl
50 0.15121 bbl
60 0.181452 bbl
70 0.211694 bbl
80 0.241935 bbl
90 0.272177 bbl
100 0.302419 bbl
200 0.604839 bbl
300 0.907258 bbl
400 1.2097 bbl
500 1.5121 bbl
600 1.8145 bbl
700 2.1169 bbl
800 2.4194 bbl
900 2.7218 bbl
1,000 3.0242 bbl