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How to Calculate Your PFT Score

The Air Force Physical Fitness Test, or PFT for short, is the US Air Force’s fitness assessment. The USAF PFT consists of three components: body composition, aerobic, and muscle fitness.

The test standards set a baseline physical standard based on an airman’s age and gender. The outcome of the test is an overall point score and fitness category.

PFT Events

The PFT consists of an abdominal circumference measurement, a 1½ mile run, max-effort push-ups, and max-effort sit-ups.

A two-mile walk may be used for the aerobic component for those that are not medically cleared to run.


To pass, airmen must meet each event’s minimum score and a total composite score of at least 75 points.[1]

To calculate each event’s score in the PFT, refer to the official standard, which outlines the points and fitness category based on the results of each event for an airmen’s age and gender.[2]

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PFT Fitness Categories

The following chart shows the fitness categories based on the number of points achieved in the PFT events.

Minimum number of points needed for each Air Force PFT fitness category.
Points Category
≥ 90.0 Excellent
75.0 – 89.9 Satisfactory
< 75.0 Unsatisfactory

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