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How to Calculate the Date Several Weeks From Today

Whether you’re anticipating a deadline, planning an event, or setting a personal goal, you may find yourself needing to know the date a certain number of weeks from today. You can calculate the future date using a few methods.

Method One: The Manual Method

The most straightforward, albeit the most time-consuming, approach to calculating the date is to use a calendar. Start by finding today’s date, then count out the number of weeks into the future.

When you reach the end of a month, move on to the next month. You can learn more using our weeks calculator.

This method is a simple way to find the date a few weeks from now, but as you go further out, it becomes more laborious. For instance, if you want to find the date 52 weeks from today, it will take a while to count out the weeks.

Method Two: Use Spreadsheet Software

You can add weeks to a specified date using software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets with a simple formula.

To do so, start a new sheet (or use an existing one) and enter the start date in any cell. For this example, let’s use cell A1. Next, in another cell, such as B1, enter the following formula to add eight weeks to the start date:

=A1 + (8 × 7)

Cell B1 will now display the date eight weeks from the start date listed in cell A1. If you wish to know the date a number of weeks from the date in cell A1 other than 8, simply substitute 8 with the specified number of weeks in the formula above. And if the specified date is in a cell other than A1, simply substitute the cell name for A1 in the formula above.

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