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How to Add Weeks to a Date

From planning vacations to managing projects, adding weeks to a specific date in order to calculate a new date in the future is something that you’ll occasionally need to do. You can use a few methods to calculate what the date will be in any number of weeks.

Method One: Add Weeks Using a Calendar

The first way to add a number of weeks to a date is to use a calendar. Begin by locating the start date on the calendar.

Then, find the date one week from the start date and repeat the process for each week you want to add.

This is the same process that’s used to add days to a date to calculate a future date.

Method Two: Add Weeks Using Spreadsheet Software

You can also add weeks to a specified date using spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Within the software, you can use a simple formula to add weeks, just like adding any two numbers.

To use this formula, open a new sheet and then enter the start date in any cell, for instance, cell A1. Then, in another cell, enter the following formula to add six weeks to the start date:

=A1 + (6 × 7)

This will find the date six weeks from the start date listed in cell A1. In the formula, the 6 weeks value is multiplied by 7 to convert weeks to days, which is what the spreadsheet software expects when adding to a date. If you want to add a different number of weeks to your date other than 6, simply substitute 6 with the desired number of weeks in the formula above.