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Calculate the exact date a specified number of years ago from today’s date. To calculate, enter the number of years you want to go back in time, and the calculator will provide the corresponding date.

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How to Find the Date Several Years Ago

To calculate a date from a past year, you need to start with today’s date and subtract the number of years you are interested in. However, simply subtracting the number from the current year isn’t enough; you must also consider whether the past year was a leap year and how different months and days of the year might affect your calculation.

You can follow these steps to determine the date several years ago:

Step One: identify the starting date. Start with the current date, including the year, month, and day

Step Two: subtract the years. Subtract the desired number of years from the current year. If you want to find the date 5 years ago, subtract 5 from the current year.

Step Three: check for leap year. If your start date is February 29 then you’ll need to check if the resulting year is a leap year. Leap years occur every four years, adding an extra day to February.

Step Four: adjust the date. Ensure that the month and day you have remain valid. If the starting date is February 29 and the resulting year isn’t a leap year, then you’ll need to adjust the date to February 28.

You can confirm this result using our years between dates calculator to verify the difference in years between the resulting date.

Tools to Calculate Years

While manual calculations are good for understanding the underlying principles, they can be time-consuming and prone to error. Fortunately, there are many tools available to automate this process:

Online Calculators

The easiest way to calculate the date a specified number of years ago is to use an online calculator. You can use a tool such as our date calculator or date range calculator to calculate the resulting date.

These tools automatically consider leap years and date adjustments. You can also use a tool such as our day of the week calculator to find the weekday for the resulting date.


Programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets have built-in functions to handle date calculations. You can use the DATE function to create the current date and subtract years from it.

For example, in Excel, the following formula will calculate the date 10 years ago:


Programming Languages

If you have programming skills, languages like Python offer libraries (e.g., datetime) to perform these calculations easily.

You might also be interested in our time subtraction calculator!

Years Ago Chart

The following chart shows the dates 1 to 100 years ago from today.

Table showing the date each year ago for the past 1 to 25 years.
Years AgoDate
Table showing the date each year ago for the past 26 to 50 years.
Years AgoDate
Table showing the date each year ago for the past 51 to 75 years.
Years AgoDate
Table showing the date each year ago for the past 76 to 100 years.
Years AgoDate