Cost to Repair a Roof in 2024 – Average Prices

Is your roof in need of repair? If so, you might be wondering how much it will cost. While roof repairs may seem costly, when done in a timely way, they can help prevent the need for some roof replacements.

Roof repairs also help your home maintain its value, making this service one that shouldn't be put off. Keep reading to learn more about how much a roof repair could set you back.

2024 Roof Repair Costs

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Typical Price Range $500 - $1,500
Minimum Price $150
Maximum Price $7,000

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How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost?

Your roof is an essential structural component of your home. It’s no wonder that the phrase “roof over your head” has come to represent comfort, stability, and security since it’s a roof that acts as the main line of defense against the elements.

There are a wide variety of roofing shapes and materials, and it’s an aspect of owning a home that can prove to be a nightmare if not properly maintained.

damaged roof that needs to be repaired

Many things can potentially go wrong with your roof, from missing shingles to poorly installed guttering or flashing.

It’s important to know what both minor and significant roof repairs cost so that you’re financially prepared for the next major storm that comes through or just to keep up with simple maintenance due to a roof’s age.

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The cost of repairs vary, but in most cases, a repair costs $150 to $1,500 for minor repairs and between $1,500 and $7,000 for major repairs. The actual price will vary based on the nature of the repair, roofing material, and the size of the roof.[1]

Minor repairs will likely cost less, while sizable repairs could cost significantly more and might even require a full replacement.

Minor Repairs

A minor roof repair is a repair that is only needed in one small section of the roof. It could mean that the roof is missing shingles in one area, there is a patch that has been more vulnerable to water damage due to its shape, a shady part of the roof that remains cold and damp due to lack of sunlight, or simple wear and tear that does not require a complete upheaval.

A minor roof repair, such as sealing a leak and replacing the shingles in the area, will cost approximately $150. For most cases, the cost of a minor repair will be about $100 to $200 per square,[2] which is a 100 square foot section of rooff.

Moderate Repairs

Moderate repairs could cost somewhere between $400 and $1000 depending on the specific nature of the repair.[3] Basic, 3-tab asphalt shingles with installation, for example, cost between $425 and $825 for a ten-foot by ten-foot section, referred to as a square.

A better quality asphalt shingle will cost $750 to $1,300 per square installed – and these costs do not take into account removal of the old material or repair of things like the roof deck or flashing.

Another example of a moderate repair is damage to the chimney area. Chimneys and skylights can be areas where water infiltrates the roof if they aren’t properly sealed and flashed.

When this happens, the water may get below the surrounding shingles and cause them to swell and deteriorate quickly. Repairing these areas often involves a partial roof replacement, but if caught early enough, may simply require new flashing around the protrusion.

Major Repairs

Major repairs may only be needed if you’ve left things for so long that the leak on your roof has started to cause damage to the interior structure of your home. When you see signs of leakage, such as brown-colored streaks after a storm or unexplained damp patches on your carpet near baseboards, things have become pretty severe, and it’s time to set aside money for some major repairs.

However, sometimes major repairs are needed for other reasons. Sometimes, a storm may cause significant damage. Hail, for example, can bruise the pad of a shingle, causing the granules to loosen and dislodge over time. This type of damage often means a partial, if not a complete, roof replacement.

Keep in mind, though, that in some cases, damage caused by a storm may be covered by insurance. The key is to have your roof inspected early – if you wait until water begins to infiltrate, it’s often too late to make a claim.

Major repairs are repairs that mean the entire roof needs to be replaced, and even the sheathing or rafters underneath it. These kinds of repairs can cost thousands of dollars. You can expect to pay up to $3000, or even more, depending on the price of the material you choose and the labor involved.

Labor Costs

Many roofing contractors will estimate a job with a flat-rate price, while others may charge by the hour. It’s important to understand how a roofing repair project is priced before starting the project.

Most roofers charge $70 to $100 per hour for repairs plus the cost of materials. For flat-rate jobs, they may estimate the cost by the square, or 100 ft2. Many roofers charge around $100 to $500 per square for labor.

Labor rates vary based on geographic location, the experience of the contractors and the team, and the size of the company.

Prepare Ahead

While it’s almost impossible to give a specific price for a roof repair, there are ways you can come closer to a final price. If you merely inspect your roof and measure the area that needs to be repaired, you can at least calculate how much the roofing materials will cost. Combine this figure with average labor costs, and you’ll be able to determine a ballpark figure for your roof repairs.

Hire an Expert

Repairing a roof isn’t something that is very DIY-friendly because it requires a high level of precision. Even something as small as a nail that’s too tight can cause your roof to become ineffective, so this is a job that should be reserved for professionals. To get an estimate, it’s good protocol to find a contractor in your area and contact three to five before choosing who to hire.

At a minimum, you should consider getting a roof inspection to assess any damages before beginning a repair project. Learn more about how much a roof inspection costs.

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.


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