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How to Convert Joules to Volts

Joules are a measure of electrical energy dissipated to move a 1-kilogram object one meter using a constant force of one newton. Coulombs are the amount of charge accumulated in one second by a current of one ampere.

Voltage is the measure of the electric potential in an electric circuit to move an electric charge and is measured in volts.

You can convert joules to volts using these measurements using a formula.

Joules to Volts Formula

To convert energy in joules to voltage in volts, use the formula below.

V(V) = E(J) / Q(C)

Thus, the voltage V is equal to the energy E in joules divided by the charge Q in coulombs.

joules to volts conversion formula stating that the voltage is equal to the energy in joules divided by the charge in coulombs

For example, let’s convert 20 joules of energy with a charge of 5 coulombs to volts.

V(V) = 20 J / 5 C
V(V) = 4 V

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