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How to Convert Amp-Hours to Watt-Hours

Amp-hours (Ah) and watt-hours (Wh) are units that are often used to measure battery capacity.

The ampere-hour capacity of a battery, expressed as Ah or A·h, describes the duration for which a battery can supply one ampere of current and the maximum amount of current it can supply for one hour.

The watt-hour capacity of a battery, expressed as Wh or W·h, is a measure of the amount of energy being supplied to the load.

To convert amp-hours to watt-hours, you can use the Ohm’s Law formula.

Ah to Wh Conversion Formula

To convert from electric charge to energy using Ohm’s Law, use the following formula:

E(Wh) = Q(Ah) × V(V)

Thus, the energy E in watt-hours is equal to the charge Q in amp-hours times the voltage V. This is essentially the same formula used to convert amps to watts.

Ah to Wh conversion formula stating that the energy in watt-hours is equal to the charge in amp-hours times the voltage

By reversing this formula, you can also convert Wh to Ah.

For example, let’s convert 300 Ah charge at 12 V to Wh.

E(Wh) = 300 Ah × 12 V
E(Wh) = 3,600 Wh

So, a 300 amp-hour charge at 12 volts is equal to 3,600 watt-hours (3.6 kWh) of energy.

Amp-Hours to Watt-Hours Conversion Chart

Table showing amp-hour converted to watt hours
Amp-Hours Watt-Hours at 12V Watt-Hours at 24V
50 Ah 600 Wh 1,200 Wh
100 Ah 1,200 Wh 2,400 Wh
150 Ah 1,800 Wh 3,600 Wh
200 Ah 2,400 Wh 4,800 Wh
250 Ah 3,000 Wh 6,000 Wh
300 Ah 3,600 Wh 7,200 Wh
350 Ah 4,200 Wh 8,400 Wh
400 Ah 4,800 Wh 9,600 Wh
450 Ah 5,400 Wh 10,800 Wh
500 Ah 6,000 Wh 12,000 Wh
550 Ah 6,600 Wh 13,200 Wh
600 Ah 7,200 Wh 14,400 Wh
650 Ah 7,800 Wh 15,600 Wh
700 Ah 8,400 Wh 16,800 Wh
750 Ah 9,000 Wh 18,000 Wh
800 Ah 9,600 Wh 19,200 Wh
850 Ah 10,200 Wh 20,400 Wh
900 Ah 10,800 Wh 21,600 Wh
950 Ah 11,400 Wh 22,800 Wh
1000 Ah 12,000 Wh 24,000 Wh

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