Days From Today Calculator

Calculate the date on a number of days from today using the calculator below.

How to Calculate How Many Days From Today

You may find yourself needing the date a certain number of days from today. You can calculate the date in the future using a few different methods.

The process is similar to calculating the number of days until your birthday, but instead of counting down, you’ll be counting up.

Method One: Calculate the Date Manually

The first method is to simply calculate the date on a calendar manually. Start from today’s date, then count out the number of days.

Be sure to jump to the next month when you reach the end of a month, and take note that months do not all have the same number of days. Learn more on our months to days converter.

This method is simple if you want to find the date a few days from now, but it gets much more difficult the further out you go, for instance, if you want to find the date 120 days from today.

Method Two: Calculate Using Spreadsheet Software

You can also use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to calculate the date a certain number of days from now. The process is fairly straightforward.

Start by entering the date in cell A1. Then, in the next cell, use the following formula to find the date 60 days from now:

=A1 + 60

This will add 60 days to the date in cell A1. Change the number 60 to whichever number of days out you want to find the date for.

Method Three: Calculate Using an Online Calculator

We have several calculators available that allow you to input a start date and add or subtract any number of days, such as our time duration calculator or the calculator above. These tools automatically account for the variances in month lengths and leap years.

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