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1 ac = 4,046,856,422.4 sq mm

How to Convert Acres to Square Millimeters

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To convert an acre measurement to a square millimeter measurement, multiply the area by the conversion ratio. One acre is equal to 4,046,856,422.4 square millimeters, so use this simple formula to convert:

square millimeters = acres × 4,046,856,422.4

The area in square millimeters is equal to the acres multiplied by 4,046,856,422.4.

For example, here's how to convert 5 acres to square millimeters using the formula above.
5 ac = (5 × 4,046,856,422.4) = 20,234,282,112 sq mm

Acres and square millimeters are both units used to measure area. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One acre is defined as the area equal to a space that is one chain (66 ft) by one furlong (660 ft), or 10 square chains. That's equal to 43,560 square feet for those unfamiliar with those units of measure.

The acre is a US customary and imperial unit of area. Acres can be abbreviated as ac, for example 1 acre can be written as 1 ac.

Try our acreage calculator to find the area of a plot of land in acres by locating the boundaries on a map.

Square Millimeters

One square millimeter is equal to the area of a square with edges that are 1 millimeter in length.

The square millimeter, or square millimetre, is a multiple of the square meter, which is the SI derived unit for area. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix for 10-3. A square millimeter is sometimes also referred to as a square mm. Square millimeters can be abbreviated as sq mm, and are also sometimes abbreviated as mm². For example, 1 square millimeter can be written as 1 sq mm or 1 mm².

Acre Measurements and Equivalent Square Millimeter Conversions

Common acre values converted to the equivalent square millimeter value
Acres Square Millimeters
1 ac 4,046,856,422 sq mm
2 ac 8,093,712,845 sq mm
3 ac 12,140,569,267 sq mm
4 ac 16,187,425,690 sq mm
5 ac 20,234,282,112 sq mm
6 ac 24,281,138,534 sq mm
7 ac 28,327,994,957 sq mm
8 ac 32,374,851,379 sq mm
9 ac 36,421,707,802 sq mm
10 ac 40,468,564,224 sq mm
11 ac 44,515,420,646 sq mm
12 ac 48,562,277,069 sq mm
13 ac 52,609,133,491 sq mm
14 ac 56,655,989,914 sq mm
15 ac 60,702,846,336 sq mm
16 ac 64,749,702,758 sq mm
17 ac 68,796,559,181 sq mm
18 ac 72,843,415,603 sq mm
19 ac 76,890,272,026 sq mm
20 ac 80,937,128,448 sq mm
21 ac 84,983,984,870 sq mm
22 ac 89,030,841,293 sq mm
23 ac 93,077,697,715 sq mm
24 ac 97,124,554,138 sq mm
25 ac 101,171,410,560 sq mm
26 ac 105,218,266,982 sq mm
27 ac 109,265,123,405 sq mm
28 ac 113,311,979,827 sq mm
29 ac 117,358,836,250 sq mm
30 ac 121,405,692,672 sq mm
31 ac 125,452,549,094 sq mm
32 ac 129,499,405,517 sq mm
33 ac 133,546,261,939 sq mm
34 ac 137,593,118,362 sq mm
35 ac 141,639,974,784 sq mm
36 ac 145,686,831,206 sq mm
37 ac 149,733,687,629 sq mm
38 ac 153,780,544,051 sq mm
39 ac 157,827,400,474 sq mm
40 ac 161,874,256,896 sq mm

More Acre Area Conversions

US Customary
Convert to Square Miles
1 ac is equal to 0.001563 square miles
Convert to Square Yards
1 ac is equal to 4,840 square yards
Convert to Square Feet
1 ac is equal to 43,560 square feet
Convert to Square Inches
1 ac is equal to 6,272,640 square inches
SI Units
Convert to Square Kilometers
1 ac is equal to 0.004047 square kilometers
Convert to Square Meters
1 ac is equal to 4,046.86 square meters
Convert to Square Centimeters
1 ac is equal to 40,468,564.2 square centimeters
Other Metric Units
Convert to Hectares
1 ac is equal to 0.404686 hectares
Convert to Ares
1 ac is equal to 40.468564 ares