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How Old Are You?

Ever want to know your age in days? Maybe not, but our age calculator can find the age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds too!

Enter the date of birth and the date to compare it with, and the calculator will find the age on that date, along with the days until the next birthday.

How to Calculate Your Age

You can find out how old you are without using an age calculator by subtracting the current year from your birth year. Then, if how haven’t already had a birthday yet this year, subtract one from your age.

age in years = current year – birth year

How Many Days Old You Are?

Are you wondering how many days old am I? The most accurate way to find out how old you are in days is to use an age calculator since it accounts for things like leap years.

But, you can also calculate how old you are in days by multiplying one plus your age by 365.25. Then, subtract the number of days until your next birthday.

age in days = ((age in years + 1) × 365.25) – days until birthday

This formula uses 365.25 days per year to account for leap years, where every four years there is an extra day.

You can confirm this using our date calculator.

For example, if you are 23 years old and your birthday is in 45 days, you can find out how many days old you are using the following formula:

age in days = ((23 + 1) × 365.25) – 45
age in days = (24 × 365.25) – 45
age in days = 8766 – 45
age in days = 8721

So, you would be 8721 days old using this formula.

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