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How to Calculate a Cat’s Age

Cats age much more quickly than people do, and so their age in cat years is a bit older than in human years. Cats age the most in their first two years of life, where a cat will reach the equivalent of 15 human years in their first year and 24 human years in their second.[1]

After their second year, a cat will age at about four cat years for every human year.

kittens age much more quickly than a human, especially in their first two years

Cat Age Formula

Using the information above, the formula to find the age of a cat in cat years is as follows:

If the cat is one year old, then their age is 15 cat years.

If the cat is two years old, then their age is 24 cat years.

If the cat is older than two years old, then use the following formula to estimate their age:

equivalent human age = ((cat’s age – 2) × 4) + 24

Thus a cat’s age in cat years is equal to their age minus two, times four, plus twenty-four.

How Long do Cats Live?

Cats all age differently and lifespan varies by breed, health, and whether the cat lives indoors or outdoors. The average lifespan of a cat is 12-14 years.[2]

How to Estimate a Cat’s Age

If you adopted a kitten or cat and aren’t sure how old they are, then the best place to start when estimating age is their teeth. Teeth are a strong indicator of age, especially in younger cats.[3]

3-6 weeks: baby teeth come in

3-6 months: baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth are in

1-2 years: teeth are clean and sharp

3-5 years: teeth are starting to wear and are yellowing

More accurate assessments can be performed by a veterinarian, and often they will look at other factors such as the coat, muscle definition, and other health indicators to judge the cat’s age.

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