Dog Pregnancy Calculator

Use the dog pregnancy calculator to estimate your dog’s due date if you know the mating date.

How to Calculate a Dog’s Due Date

If you’ve been mating your dog, then you’re probably interested in knowing when she’ll deliver the litter. You can estimate a pregnant dog’s due date if you know the mating date and the gestation period in dogs.

A litter of six puppies outside

How Long is a Dog Pregnant?

The gestation period for dogs is 63 days on average, but it ranges from 57-65 days.[1] That’s roughly 9 weeks from the date of mating to whelping.

Due Date Formula

So, to calculate the due date, you can use the gestation period and a simple formula.

due date = date of mating + 63 days

Since the gestation period is a range, you can use this formula to estimate the soonest and latest date using the 57-65 day range.

How Do You Know if Your Dog is Pregnant?

Unfortunately, your dog can’t tell you that they’re feeling pregnant, and they can’t just head to the local drug store to grab a pregnancy test to find out. But, there are some signs to look out for that might indicate that they’re pregnant.[2]

  • Increased appetite
  • Swollen belly or weight gain
  • Increased nipple size
  • More easily tired
  • More affectionate
  • More irritable

If your dog is showing some of these signs, you should take them to the vet. Your dog’s veterinarian can use several methods to confirm pregnancy:

  • Hormone test (21-25 days)
  • Ultrasound (30 days)
  • X-rays (45 days)
  • Palpation (45-60 days)

Dog Care During Pregnancy

While your dog is pregnant, she has some special needs and require additional considerations.

Veterinarian Checkups

While your dog is pregnant, be sure to take them in for regular veterinary checkups. Your vet might want to update vaccinations, check fecal samples for parasites, and check for any issues that might come up during pregnancy.

Of course, you should consult with your vet on the right schedule for checkups and any additional care that your dog might need during this time.


When your dog is pregnant, there is no need to change the diet immediately, but pregnant moms should be fed high-quality puppy food for the duration of their pregnancy and throughout lactation. Some experts suggest gradually increasing food intake by 15-25% to ensure they’re getting enough nutrition.[3]

Your dog might also require a change in their diet. Consider food that has been formulated for pregnancy and increased growth per AAFCO requirements.[4] If you feed your dog a high-quality, well-balanced diet, then they shouldn’t need any additional supplements or vitamins, but you should definitely consult with your vet to ensure you’re planning the right diet and portions and adjust accordingly for the individual needs of your dog.

You can use our dog calorie calculator to learn more about how much to feed.


Your dog will still need exercise during pregnancy but avoid strenuous exercise and do not add additional stress. Also, consider keeping your dog indoors and away from other animals during the final three weeks of pregnancy to avoid the risk of parasites or illness.[5]

Whelping Box

Your dog will need a whelping box, which is a place where she will whelp. You should prepare this about a week in advance of birth. You’ll need to find a suitable location and ensure the space is warm for the new puppies.[6]

You can use our dog size calculator to see how big the puppies will get.


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