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How to Convert Watts to Joules

A joule is the measure of the amount of energy

energy = power × time

In the formula above, energy is measured in joules, power is measured in watts, and time is measured in seconds. To determine the joules of energy exerted substitute the watts and time in seconds in the formula and solve.

For example, find joules of energy for 50 watts of power over 25 seconds.

joules = watts × seconds
joules = 50 × 25
joules = 1,250

How to Convert Joules to Watts

Using the same formula above it’s possible to solve for watts if joules are known. The following is the equivalent formula to find watts:

power = energy ÷ time

Substitute joules and time in seconds in the formula above to determine watts.

For example, find watts of power for 250 joules of energy over 40 seconds.

watts = joules ÷ seconds
watts = 250 ÷ 40
watts = 6.25

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