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How to Find the Date Several Months From Today

Are you trying to figure out what the date will be in several months? You can calculate a date several months from now using a few different methods.

Method One: Calculate the Date Manually

The most straightforward method to calculating the date is to just use a calendar. Find the current date, then move forward through the calendar for each month you want to look into the future.

When you reach the end of a year, move to the next year and follow the same process.

This process is a very simple method for finding the date a few months from now, but as you go further into the future, it becomes more time-consuming and more challenging to keep track. As an example, try to find the date 18 months from today.

Method Two: Calculate Using Spreadsheet Software

You can also add months to any date using standard spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

To do so, begin by creating a new sheet and enter the start date in a cell (any cell works, but we’ll show the method using cell A1). Then, in another cell (e.g. B1), enter the following formula to add 18 months to the date in cell A1:

=EDATE(A1, 18)

After adding the formula, cell B1 will display the date 18 months from the start date entered in cell A1. If the start date is entered in a cell other than cell A1, simply replace A1 with the other cell name in the formula above.

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