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How to Convert Miles to Steps

You can estimate the number of steps required to walk a mile in a few simple steps.

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First, you’ll need to calculate the length of the person’s stride. Second, convert the distance to the same measurement as the stride length. Finally, divide the total distance by the stride length to calculate the number of steps walked or run.

Step One: Find the Stride Length

The stride length is equal to the person’s height multiplied by 0.43.

stride = height × .43

Step Two: Convert the Distance Measurement

The next step is to convert the distance measurement to the same unit used for the stride length. If the person’s height was measured in inches, for instance, then the stride length would also be in inches.

Thus, the total distance traveled will also need to be converted to inches in order to effectively calculate the number of steps. There are 63,360 inches in a mile, so to convert, simply multiply the number of miles traveled by 63,360.

Try our miles to inches calculator to simplify this process.

Step Three: Calculate the Steps

Once armed with the stride length and distance traveled in the same unit of measure, finding the steps required to walk the distance can be done by using the following equation.

steps = distance ÷ stride

Thus, the number of steps walked is equal to the distance in miles divided by the stride length.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many steps are in a mile?

According to Runners World, there are 2,000 steps in one mile. However, the intensity of the walk, the height of the person, their fitness level, and their stride length will determine exactly how many steps it takes to walk one mile.[1]

How many steps are in a mile when running?

There are fewer steps in a mile when running than when walking since a faster pace increases your stride length. One study found that it took 1,951 steps to go a mile when running a 12-minute mile and just 1,400 steps when running an 8-minute mile.[2]

What distance is 1 mile?

One mile is equal to the distance of 5,280 feet (1609 m).

Miles to Steps Chart

The chart below shows the average number of steps for various distances in miles. As noted above, this is an approximation and will vary depending on stride length and the walker’s pace.

Chart showing the distance in miles converted to the average number of steps walked when walking at a brisk pace.
Miles Steps
0.25 miles 500 steps
0.5 miles 1,000 steps
1 mile 2,000 steps
1.5 miles 3,000 steps
2 miles 4,000 steps
2.5 miles 5,000 steps
3 miles 6,000 steps
3.5 miles 7,000 steps
4 miles 8,000 steps
4.5 miles 9,000 steps
5 miles 10,000 steps
7.5 miles 15,000 steps
10 miles 20,000 steps
12.5 miles 25,000 steps


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