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Enter the fuel efficiency, cost of fuel, and distance driven to estimate the cost of the trip and the amount of fuel used in gallons or liters.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Fuel

To estimate the fuel used for a trip and find the cost of it, follow a few simple steps.

Start by estimating the driving distance for the trip. Try Google Maps to find your trip distance.

Next, locate the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This can be found in the owner’s manual or online.

Then, check the price of gasoline, which will be needed to calculate the cost of the trip.

Finally, enter those values into this formula to calculate the amount of fuel used and find the cost.

fuel used = distance ÷ fuel efficiency
fuel cost = fuel used × cost per gallon

Ensure your fuel economy units are the same as the units of fuel being purchased. For metric fuel consumption try our liters per 100 km to km per liter conversion calculator to find the fuel economy value to use in these formulas.

For example, let’s find the cost of a 200 mile trip for a vehicle that gets 22 mpg with a fuel cost of $2.85 per gallon.

Start by finding the fuel used.

fuel used = 200 ÷ 22
fuel used = 9.09 gallons

Then calculate the price of fuel.

fuel cost = 9.09 × $2.85
fuel cost = $25.91

Thus it will cost $25.91 for the gasoline needed for this trip and you can expect to use 9.09 gallons.

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