Cost to Install an Outdoor Floodlight – 2023 Average Prices

A floodlight over the driveway is convenient when you get home late, and you need to unload kids and groceries. Having a floodlight with an automatic timer can be valuable in completing those tasks without injury or splattered eggs along the walkway.

When coupled with motion detectors and security cameras, floodlights can scare off trespassers or assist law enforcement to catch prowlers. We'll cover the cost to install a floodlight in detail below.

2023 Outdoor Floodlight Costs

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National Average Price $450
Typical Price Range $250 - $800

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How Much Does a Floodlight Cost?

Although the price will depend primarily on the floodlight chosen and the cost of electrical labor in your area, the national average to install an outdoor floodlight is about $450. Most people spend $250 to $800 on the project.

Floodlight on the outside of a home

Floodlight Cost Considerations

There are many floodlights on the market, and the amount you will spend hinges on the style, size, and features you require. Consumers must first determine the area to get illuminated, the lights’ purpose, and consider all the required components.

LED vs. Halogen/Incandescent

Although more expensive initially, LED floodlights use less energy.[1] LED lighting lasts around 50,000 hours, or seven to ten years. The recent rise in popularity of these two technologies has lowered the price significantly.

LED fixtures usually cost between $75 and $200 for the hardware. A floodlight with integrated LED lamps also offset the cost of purchasing lamps for the fixture, and down the road. Learn more about LED lighting costs and savings.

Solar Floodlights

A dependable solar LED floodlight will range from $100 – $500. Although the hardware is more expensive than a standard floodlight, these might actually cost less to install as new wiring might not be required.

Motion Sensors and Timers

Motion sensors and timers could add another $25 – $50 to the price when built into the lights. However, hiring an electrician to add one of these options later will cost significantly more, due primarily to labor cost.

Waterproof Floodlights

The IP in the waterproof rating is an acronym for Ingress Protection.[2] For instance, IP65 is a two-part formula. The first digit, in this case 6, gives us the rating for solids; like dust. The second number provides the amount of liquid resistance.

Therefore, an IP65 rating is dust tight and water resistant. IP68 is considered dust tight and waterproof when submerged up to one meter continuously.

A 200-480-watt (W) (600-1500W incandescent equivalent) LED floodlight with IP65 will cost between $200 and $400, before installation. Electricians will charge $50 to $100 per hour for labor.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

If a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is required for outdoor fixtures, or added circuit breaker is needed, either one could raise the price of installation dramatically. GFCI outlets average $325, and a new circuit panel is $1,500 – $3,000.

New Wiring

If new wiring is needed for the fixture, the cost of the project could go up depending on how challenging it will be to add wiring for the light and switch. This could be a relatively fast project if there is an outlet nearby, or a time-consuming project if adding new wiring is difficult.
The cost of this will vary from home to home since every project is unique, but expect at least one to two hours of additional time to add the wiring. Adding new wiring usually costs $100 to $300 for labor and material.

Permit Costs

Electrical permits usually cost between $20 to $100, depending on your project. A permit may or may not be required for your project depending on the location and scope of work. Consult with your electrician to determine if this is necessary.

A Professional Installation is Your Safest Option

You should probably not just run a waterproof extension cord to the location you want to install the floodlight. The safest option is to hire a professional to install your floodlight permanently, so can concentrate on the more important things in your life. This might also be a legal requirement depending on your area.

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All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.


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