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How to Calculate How Many Days Between Dates

Calculating the number of days between two dates is often needed for tasks in finance and logistics or for things as simple as finding the number of days until your birthday. There are a few different ways to find the number of days between two different dates.

Method One: Calculate Days Manually

The first method is to simply calculate the days between two dates on a calendar manually.

If the dates are in the same month, you can simply subtract the day of the month of the first date from that of the second.

However, if the dates are in different months or years, then you’ll need to follow a few steps to calculate the days in between. Follow these steps to find the days between two dates:

Step One: Break Down the Dates

Begin by identifying the day, month, and year for both the start and end dates.

Step Two: Calculate the Days Remaining in the Start Month

Then, subtract the starting day from the total days in that month.

For instance, if the start date is March 10, since there are 31 total days in March, there are 31 – 10 = 21 days left in March.

Step Three: Calculate the Days in the End Month

Next, take the day of the end month to find the number of days in the month.

For instance, if the end date is April 25, then there are 25 days in the end month.

Step Four: Find the Days in Full Months In Between

If there are any full months between your start and end month, then add the days in each month.

For instance, if your range is from March 10 to May 15, then you’ll need to add all days of April to the days from steps two and three.

Step Five: Calculate the Total Number of Days

The final step is to sum up the days from steps two, three, and four to calculate the total number of days between dates.

For example, let’s find how many days are between May 15th and August 19th.

Step One: Break down the dates – the starting date is May 15th, the final date is August 19th, and the full months between these dates are June and July.

Step Two: the next step is to find the days remaining in the starting month. There are 31 days in May.

31 – 15 = 16 days remaining

Step Three: then, find the days elapsed in the final month.

August 19th = 19 elapsed days

Step Four: find the days in each month between these dates.

June = 30 days
July = 31 days

Step Five: the final step is to add it all up.

16 + 19 + 30 + 31 = 96 days

Thus, there are 96 days between May 15th and August 19th.

Method Two: Use Computer Software

You can use computer software such as Microsoft Excel to calculate the days between dates as well.

Microsoft Excel supports the DAYS function, which allows you to enter the two dates as arguments, and it will display the difference in days. Just use the following formula in a cell to find the difference between two dates:

DAYS(end_date, start_date)

Method Three: Use an Online Calculator

The easiest method to calculate the days between dates is to use our day counter or our time duration calculator. These don’t require any special software and can quickly find the number of days between two dates.

Of course, you can also use our time calculator to accomplish this task as well.