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How to Find the Number of Days Between Two Dates

Ever find yourself wondering how many days there are between two dates? You’re not alone, and that’s why we created the date duration calculator above.

This is also useful for finding the days until a holiday or birthday. There are a few different ways to find the number of days between dates.

Method One: Count the Days

The first method is to simply count the days between the two dates on a calendar.

If the dates are in the same month, you can subtract the day of the month of the first date from that of the second.

Things get a little trickier if the dates are in different months or years. If the dates are in the same year, count the number of days in each month between the two dates, then add the remaining days in the month of the earlier date, and finally add the day of the month of the later date.

Date Duration Formula

Day counting expressed as a formula, looks something like this:

total days = days in months between dates + remaining days in earlier month + days elapsed in the later month

For example, let’s find how many days are between June 25th and September 9th.

Start by finding the days in each month in between these dates.

July = 31 days
August = 31 days

Then, find the days remaining in the starting month. There are 30 days in June.

30 – 25 = 5 days remaining

Next, find the days elapsed in the last month.

September 9th = 9 elapsed days

Finally, let’s add it all up to find the total days in between.

31 + 31 + 5 + 9 = 76 days

This method becomes increasingly difficult the more time has elapsed between the two dates.

Method Two: Use Spreadsheet Software

You can use spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets to count days as well.

Sheets supports using subtraction to calculate the days. To do this, enter the start date in cell A1 and the end date in cell A2. Then, enter the following formula in cell A3:


Sheets also has a DAYS function that allows you to enter the two dates as arguments and it will display the difference in days, just like using the subtraction method. Just use the following formula in a cell to find the difference between two dates:

DAYS(end_date, start_date)

Method Three: Use a Calculator

The easiest method to calculate the number of days is to use a day counter like the one above or a time duration calculator. This method doesn’t require any special software and can quickly and accurately find the number of days between two dates.

This method also makes it easy to count workdays and weekends separately.

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