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1 st = 49,000 kcal

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How to Convert Stones to Calories

To convert a measurement in stones to a measurement in calories, multiply the weight by the following conversion ratio: 49,000 calories/stone.

Since one stone of body fat is equal to 49,000 calories, you can use this simple formula to convert:

calories = stones × 49,000

The weight in calories is equal to the weight in stones multiplied by 49,000.

For example, here's how to convert 5 stones to calories using the formula above.
calories = (5 st × 49,000) = 245,000 kcal

How Many Calories Are in a Stone of Body Fat?

There are 49,000 calories in a stone of body fat, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

1 st = 49,000 kcal

Stones are a unit of weight, and calories are a unit of energy. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Stone?

One stone is equal to 14 pounds and is mostly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland as a unit of mass. It's most commonly used to measure personal body weight.[1]

The stone is an imperial unit of weight. Stones can be abbreviated as st; for example, 1 stone can be written as 1 st.

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What Is a Calorie?

Converting calories is actually a conversion of energy burned by the body performing work rather than actual weight. When measuring the energy content in foods, the large calorie, or kilocalorie, is used, but it's often still just called a "calorie."

One calorie (large calorie) is equal to the heat needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.[2] You'll need to burn 3,500 calories more than you eat to lose one pound of weight.[3]

Calories can be abbreviated as kcal; for example, 1 calorie can be written as 1 kcal.

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Stone to Calorie Conversion Table

Table showing various stone measurements converted to calories.
Stones Calories
0.0001 st 4.9 kcal
0.0002 st 9.8 kcal
0.0003 st 14.7 kcal
0.0004 st 19.6 kcal
0.0005 st 24.5 kcal
0.0006 st 29.4 kcal
0.0007 st 34.3 kcal
0.0008 st 39.2 kcal
0.0009 st 44.1 kcal
0.001 st 49 kcal
0.002 st 98 kcal
0.003 st 147 kcal
0.004 st 196 kcal
0.005 st 245 kcal
0.006 st 294 kcal
0.007 st 343 kcal
0.008 st 392 kcal
0.009 st 441 kcal
0.01 st 490 kcal
0.02 st 980 kcal
0.03 st 1,470 kcal
0.04 st 1,960 kcal
0.05 st 2,450 kcal
0.06 st 2,940 kcal
0.07 st 3,430 kcal
0.08 st 3,920 kcal
0.09 st 4,410 kcal
0.1 st 4,900 kcal
0.2 st 9,800 kcal
0.3 st 14,700 kcal
0.4 st 19,600 kcal
0.5 st 24,500 kcal
0.6 st 29,400 kcal
0.7 st 34,300 kcal
0.8 st 39,200 kcal
0.9 st 44,100 kcal
1 st 49,000 kcal


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