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1 stH = 898,755.2 MH

How to Convert Stathenries to Megahenries

To convert a stathenry measurement to a megahenry measurement, multiply the electrical inductance by the conversion ratio.

Since one stathenry is equal to 898,755.2 megahenries, you can use this simple formula to convert:

megahenries = stathenries × 898,755.2

The electrical inductance in megahenries is equal to the stathenries multiplied by 898,755.2.

For example, here's how to convert 5 stathenries to megahenries using the formula above.
5 stH = (5 × 898,755.2) = 4,493,776 MH

Stathenries and megahenries are both units used to measure electrical inductance. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One stathenry is equal to the inductance of a conductor in which there is one statvolt of electromotive force when the current through the conductor is increased by one statampere per second. One stathenry is equal to 898,755,200,000 henries.

The stathenry is a centimeter-gram-second (CGS) electrostatic unit of electrical inductance. A stathenry is sometimes also referred to as an ESU. Stathenries can be abbreviated as stH; for example, 1 stathenry can be written as 1 stH.


One megahenry is equal to 1,000,000 henries, which are the inductance of a conductor with one volt of electromotive force when the current is increased by one ampere per second.

The megahenry is a multiple of the henry, which is the SI derived unit for electrical inductance. In the metric system, "mega" is the prefix for 106. Megahenries can be abbreviated as MH; for example, 1 megahenry can be written as 1 MH.

Stathenry to Megahenry Conversion Table

Stathenry measurements converted to megahenries
Stathenries Megahenries
0.00001 stH 8.9876 MH
0.00002 stH 17.98 MH
0.00003 stH 26.96 MH
0.00004 stH 35.95 MH
0.00005 stH 44.94 MH
0.00006 stH 53.93 MH
0.00007 stH 62.91 MH
0.00008 stH 71.9 MH
0.00009 stH 80.89 MH
0.000001 stH 0.898755 MH
0.00001 stH 8.9876 MH
0.0001 stH 89.88 MH
0.001 stH 898.76 MH
0.01 stH 8,988 MH
0.1 stH 89,876 MH
1 stH 898,755 MH

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