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1 psf = 0.478802 hPa

Do you want to convert hectopascals to pounds per square foot?

How to Convert Pounds per Square Foot to Hectopascals

To convert a measurement in pounds per square foot to a measurement in hectopascals, multiply the pressure by the following conversion ratio: 0.478802 hectopascals/pound per square foot.

Since one pound per square foot is equal to 0.478802 hectopascals, you can use this simple formula to convert:

hectopascals = pounds per square foot × 0.478802

The pressure in hectopascals is equal to the pressure in pounds per square foot multiplied by 0.478802.

For example, here's how to convert 5 pounds per square foot to hectopascals using the formula above.
hectopascals = (5 psf × 0.478802) = 2.39401 hPa

Pounds per square foot and hectopascals are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Pounds per Square Foot?

One pound per square foot is the pressure of equal to one pound-force per square foot.

The pound per square foot is a US customary and imperial unit of pressure. Pounds per square foot can be abbreviated as psf; for example, 1 pound per square foot can be written as 1 psf.

PSF can be expressed using the formula:
1 psf = 1 lbf / ft2

Pressure in pounds per square foot are equal to the pound-force divided by the area in square feet.

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What Is a Hectopascal?

The hectopascal is equal to 100 pascals, which are defined as the pressure of one newton per square meter. The hectopascal is the internationally adopted unit used to measure atmospheric pressure.

The hectopascal is a multiple of the pascal, which is the SI derived unit for pressure. In the metric system, "hecto" is the prefix for 102. Hectopascals can be abbreviated as hPa; for example, 1 hectopascal can be written as 1 hPa.

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Pound per Square Foot to Hectopascal Conversion Table

Table showing various pound per square foot measurements converted to hectopascals.
Pounds Per Square Foot Hectopascals
1 psf 0.478802 hPa
2 psf 0.957604 hPa
3 psf 1.4364 hPa
4 psf 1.9152 hPa
5 psf 2.394 hPa
6 psf 2.8728 hPa
7 psf 3.3516 hPa
8 psf 3.8304 hPa
9 psf 4.3092 hPa
10 psf 4.788 hPa
11 psf 5.2668 hPa
12 psf 5.7456 hPa
13 psf 6.2244 hPa
14 psf 6.7032 hPa
15 psf 7.182 hPa
16 psf 7.6608 hPa
17 psf 8.1396 hPa
18 psf 8.6184 hPa
19 psf 9.0972 hPa
20 psf 9.576 hPa
21 psf 10.05 hPa
22 psf 10.53 hPa
23 psf 11.01 hPa
24 psf 11.49 hPa
25 psf 11.97 hPa
26 psf 12.45 hPa
27 psf 12.93 hPa
28 psf 13.41 hPa
29 psf 13.89 hPa
30 psf 14.36 hPa
31 psf 14.84 hPa
32 psf 15.32 hPa
33 psf 15.8 hPa
34 psf 16.28 hPa
35 psf 16.76 hPa
36 psf 17.24 hPa
37 psf 17.72 hPa
38 psf 18.19 hPa
39 psf 18.67 hPa
40 psf 19.15 hPa

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