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1 nN = 1.0197E-10 kgf

How to Convert Nanonewtons to Kilogram-force

To convert a nanonewton measurement to a kilogram-force measurement, multiply the force by the conversion ratio. One nanonewton is equal to 1.0197E-10 kilogram-force, so use this simple formula to convert:

kilogram-force = nanonewtons × 1.0197E-10

The force in kilogram-force is equal to the nanonewtons multiplied by 1.0197E-10.

For example, here's how to convert 5 nanonewtons to kilogram-force using the formula above.
5 nN = (5 × 1.0197E-10) = 5.0986E-10 kgf

Nanonewtons and kilogram-force are both units used to measure force. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One nanonewton is equal to 1/1,000,000,000 of a newton, which is equal to the force needed to move one kilogram of mass at a rate of one meter per second squared.

The nanonewton is a multiple of the newton, which is the SI derived unit for force. In the metric system, "nano" is the prefix for 10-9. Nanonewtons can be abbreviated as nN, for example 1 nanonewton can be written as 1 nN.


Kilogram-force is a unit of force equal to the force needed to move one kilogram of mass at a rate of 9.80665 meters per second squared.

The kilogram-force is a non-SI metric unit for force. A kilogram-force is sometimes also referred to as a kilopond. Kilogram-force can be abbreviated as kgf, and are also sometimes abbreviated as kgF. For example, 1 kilogram-force can be written as 1 kgf or 1 kgF.

Kilogram-force can be expressed using the formula: 1 kgf = 9.80665 kgms2

Nanonewton Measurements and Equivalent Kilogram-force Conversions

Common nanonewton values converted to the equivalent kilogram-force value
Nanonewtons Kilogram-force
1 nN 0.00000000010197 kgf
2 nN 0.00000000020394 kgf
3 nN 0.00000000030591 kgf
4 nN 0.00000000040789 kgf
5 nN 0.00000000050986 kgf
6 nN 0.00000000061183 kgf
7 nN 0.0000000007138 kgf
8 nN 0.00000000081577 kgf
9 nN 0.00000000091774 kgf
10 nN 0.0000000010197 kgf
11 nN 0.0000000011217 kgf
12 nN 0.0000000012237 kgf
13 nN 0.0000000013256 kgf
14 nN 0.0000000014276 kgf
15 nN 0.0000000015296 kgf
16 nN 0.0000000016315 kgf
17 nN 0.0000000017335 kgf
18 nN 0.0000000018355 kgf
19 nN 0.0000000019375 kgf
20 nN 0.0000000020394 kgf
21 nN 0.0000000021414 kgf
22 nN 0.0000000022434 kgf
23 nN 0.0000000023453 kgf
24 nN 0.0000000024473 kgf
25 nN 0.0000000025493 kgf
26 nN 0.0000000026513 kgf
27 nN 0.0000000027532 kgf
28 nN 0.0000000028552 kgf
29 nN 0.0000000029572 kgf
30 nN 0.0000000030591 kgf
31 nN 0.0000000031611 kgf
32 nN 0.0000000032631 kgf
33 nN 0.0000000033651 kgf
34 nN 0.000000003467 kgf
35 nN 0.000000003569 kgf
36 nN 0.000000003671 kgf
37 nN 0.0000000037729 kgf
38 nN 0.0000000038749 kgf
39 nN 0.0000000039769 kgf
40 nN 0.0000000040789 kgf

More Nanonewton Force Conversions

SI Units
Convert to Micronewtons
1 nN is equal to 0.001 micronewtons
Convert to Millinewtons
1 nN is equal to 1.0E-6 millinewtons
Convert to Newtons
1 nN is equal to 1.0E-9 newtons
Convert to Kilonewtons
1 nN is equal to 1.0E-12 kilonewtons
Convert to Meganewtons
1 nN is equal to 1.0E-15 meganewtons
Gravitational Units
Convert to Gram-force
1 nN is equal to 1.0197E-7 gram-force
Convert to Pound-force
1 nN is equal to 2.2481E-10 pound-force
Convert to Ounce-force
1 nN is equal to 3.5969E-9 ounce-force
Convert to Dynes
1 nN is equal to 0.0001 dynes
Convert to Poundals
1 nN is equal to 7.233E-9 poundals