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1 fl oz = 1.804688 in³

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How to Convert Fluid Ounces to Cubic Inches

To convert a measurement in fluid ounces to a measurement in cubic inches, multiply the volume by the following conversion ratio: 1.804688 cubic inches/fluid ounce.

Since one fluid ounce is equal to 1.804688 cubic inches, you can use this simple formula to convert:

cubic inches = fluid ounces × 1.804688

The volume in cubic inches is equal to the volume in fluid ounces multiplied by 1.804688.

For example, here's how to convert 5 fluid ounces to cubic inches using the formula above.
cubic inches = (5 fl oz × 1.804688) = 9.023438 in³

How Many Cubic Inches Are in a Fluid Ounce?

There are 1.804688 cubic inches in a fluid ounce, which is why we use this value in the formula above.

1 fl oz = 1.804688 in³

Fluid ounces and cubic inches are both units used to measure volume. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Fluid Ounce?

The US fluid ounce is a unit of volume equal to 1/16 of a pint or 1/8 of a cup. The fluid ounce is sometimes referred to as just an "ounce" but should not be confused with the unit of weight. One fluid ounce is equal to approximately 29.5735 milliliters, but in nutrition labeling, one fluid ounce is rounded to exactly 30 milliliters.[1]

The fluid ounce is a US customary unit of volume. Fluid ounces can be abbreviated as fl oz, and are also sometimes abbreviated as oz fl. For example, 1 fluid ounce can be written as 1 fl oz or 1 oz fl.

Learn more about fluid ounces.

What Is a Cubic Inch?

A cubic inch is a unit of volume equal to the space consumed by a cube with sides that are one inch in all directions. One cubic inch is equivalent to about 16.387 cubic centimeters or 0.554 fluid ounces.[2]

The cubic inch is a US customary and imperial unit of volume. A cubic inch is sometimes also referred to as a cubic in. Cubic inches can be abbreviated as in³, and are also sometimes abbreviated as cu inch, cu in, or CI. For example, 1 cubic inch can be written as 1 in³, 1 cu inch, 1 cu in, or 1 CI.

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Fluid Ounce to Cubic Inch Conversion Table

Table showing various fluid ounce measurements converted to cubic inches.
Fluid Ounces Cubic Inches
1 fl oz 1.8047 in³
2 fl oz 3.6094 in³
3 fl oz 5.4141 in³
4 fl oz 7.2188 in³
5 fl oz 9.0234 in³
6 fl oz 10.83 in³
7 fl oz 12.63 in³
8 fl oz 14.44 in³
9 fl oz 16.24 in³
10 fl oz 18.05 in³
11 fl oz 19.85 in³
12 fl oz 21.66 in³
13 fl oz 23.46 in³
14 fl oz 25.27 in³
15 fl oz 27.07 in³
16 fl oz 28.88 in³
17 fl oz 30.68 in³
18 fl oz 32.48 in³
19 fl oz 34.29 in³
20 fl oz 36.09 in³
21 fl oz 37.9 in³
22 fl oz 39.7 in³
23 fl oz 41.51 in³
24 fl oz 43.31 in³
25 fl oz 45.12 in³
26 fl oz 46.92 in³
27 fl oz 48.73 in³
28 fl oz 50.53 in³
29 fl oz 52.34 in³
30 fl oz 54.14 in³
31 fl oz 55.95 in³
32 fl oz 57.75 in³
33 fl oz 59.55 in³
34 fl oz 61.36 in³
35 fl oz 63.16 in³
36 fl oz 64.97 in³
37 fl oz 66.77 in³
38 fl oz 68.58 in³
39 fl oz 70.38 in³
40 fl oz 72.19 in³


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