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1°C = 274.15 K

How to Convert Celsius to Kelvins Using an Easy Conversion Formula

Thermometers measure temperature and come in many forms and sizes

Convert celsius to kelvins with this simple formula:

kelvins = [°C] + 273.15

Insert the [°C] temperature measurement in the formula and then solve to find the result.

For example, let's convert 50 °C to Kelvin:

50 °C = ( 50 + 273.15 ) = 323.15 K

Celsius and kelvins are both units used to measure temperature. Learn more about temperature and find more temperature measurement conversion calculators. Celsius can be abbreviated as C, for example 1 degree celsius can be written as 1 °C. Kelvin can be abbreviated as K, for example 1 kelvin can be written as 1 K.

The vast majority of the world uses the Celsius temperature scale, which is a temperature scale that ranges from 0 °C, the freezing point of water, to 100 °C, the boiling point of water. It was created by Anders Celsius in 1742 which is where it gets its name, though it's also commonly referred to as the centigrade scale because of the perfect 100 degree range from freezing to boiling.

The Kelvin scale is a temperature scale where 0 is the point where all thermal motion ceases and was created by Lord Kelvin. The temperature scale does not use measurements in degrees, but instead of simply K. It's often used in the physical sciences due to its absolute nature. 0 K is equal to −273.15 °C.

celsius and kelvins are units used to measure temperature
Convert Kelvins to Celsius

Celsius Measurements and Equivalent Kelvin Conversions

Common celsius values converted to the equivalent kelvin value
Celsius Kelvins
-40 °C 233.15 K
-30 °C 243.15 K
-20 °C 253.15 K
-10 °C 263.15 K
0 °C 273.15 K
10 °C 283.15 K
20 °C 293.15 K
30 °C 303.15 K
40 °C 313.15 K
50 °C 323.15 K
60 °C 333.15 K
70 °C 343.15 K
80 °C 353.15 K
90 °C 363.15 K
100 °C 373.15 K
110 °C 383.15 K
120 °C 393.15 K
130 °C 403.15 K
140 °C 413.15 K
150 °C 423.15 K
160 °C 433.15 K
170 °C 443.15 K
180 °C 453.15 K
190 °C 463.15 K
200 °C 473.15 K
300 °C 573.15 K
400 °C 673.15 K
500 °C 773.15 K
600 °C 873.15 K
700 °C 973.15 K
800 °C 1,073 K
900 °C 1,173 K
1000 °C 1,273 K

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