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Calculate the electric charge of a circuit using the capacitance and voltage with this calculator.

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How to Calculate Electric Charge

Electric charge, measured in coulombs, is a fundamental property representing the amount of charge in an electron. One coulomb is equal to one ampere-second.

Capacitance to Charge Formula

Charge can be calculated using the capacitance and voltage of an electrical circuit.

Q(C) = C(F) × V(V)

The charge Q in coulombs is equal to the capacitance C in farads times the voltage V.

For example, let’s calculate the electric charge for a circuit with 20 farads of capacitance at 12 volts.

Q(C) = 20 F × 12 V
Q(C) = 240 C

You can use our capacitance calculator to calculate the capacitance given the charge and voltage.