Volt-Amps (VA) to Kilovolt-Amps (kVA) Conversion Calculator

Convert VA to kVA by entering the apparent power in volt-amps below.

How to Convert Volt-Amps to Kilovolt-Amps

Volt-amps and kilovolt-amps both measure the apparent power in an electrical circuit. Volt-amps are usually express as VA and kilovolt-amps are usually expressed as kVA. This is the formula to convert VA to kVA.

S(kVA) = S(VA) / 1,000

Since there are 1,000 volt-amps in 1 kilovolt-amp, the apparent power S in kVA is equal to the apparent power S in VA divided by 1,000.

For example, convert 2,500 VA to kVA.

S(kVA) = 2,500 VA / 1,000
S(kVA) = 2.5 kVA

VA to kVA Conversion Chart

This chart shows equivalent volt-amp and kilovolt-amp measurements.
1,000 VA 1 kVA
2,000 VA 2 kVA
3,000 VA 3 kVA
4,000 VA 4 kVA
5,000 VA 5 kVA
6,000 VA 6 kVA
7,000 VA 7 kVA
8,000 VA 8 kVA
9,000 VA 9 kVA
10,000 VA 10 kVA

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