Steps to Miles Calculator – How Many Steps are in a Mile?

Find how far you’ve walked by entering your height and the number of steps taken below. On average it takes 2,200 steps to walk a mile, but this varies based on the length of a person’s stride, which is determined by their height and pace.

Enter your height in feet to get distance in feet and miles or in metric to get results in meters and kilometers.




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How to Convert Steps to Miles Walked

Pedometers and fitness trackers are in use today more than ever, and while they are helpful in tracking the number of steps you’ve taken, only a few of them track the distance you’ve moved throughout the day.

One way to estimate the distance you have walked is by tracking the number of steps walked and multiplying that by the distance of your stride. This will give you the total distance walked.

This can be done in a few easy steps.

Step One: Find the Stride Length

The first step in converting steps to miles is to calculate the person’s stride length.

The average stride length for a person is 2.2 to 2.5 feet, or roughly 41% to 45% of their body height, according to Scientific American.[1] For example, a person that is 70″ tall will typically have a stride between 28 1/2” and 31 1/2“. This might vary for each person and assumes the person is walking. People also typically have a longer stride length the faster they walk or run, which can also be a factor.

To find your stride length, multiply your height by 0.43 to get an average stride estimate.

stride = height × 0.43

Step Two: Calculate the Distance

Once you have the stride length, multiply that by the number of steps walked.

distance = stride × steps

Thus, the distance is equal to the stride length multiplied by the number of steps.

Step Three: Convert to Miles

At this point the distance found will be in the same unit of measure as the stride length. For example, if the stride length was found using the person’s height in inches, then the stride length, and thus, the overall distance will be in inches.

To convert the distance to miles, divide the number of inches by 63,360. You can also use a conversion calculator to simplify this step.

For example, a person that is 70″ tall with a stride of 31 1/2” and walked 10,000 steps will have walked a distance of 315,000″. Convert inches to feet or convert inches to miles to find your final distance measurement.

31.5″ × 10,000 = 315,000″
315,000″ ÷ 12 = 26,250′
26,250′ ÷ 5,280 = 4.97 miles

An alternative method to finding your distance is to use our pace and distance calculator, which uses your walking pace and total time walked in order to estimate distance.


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