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How to Calculate Dimensional Shipping Weight

Dimensional weight is a measure of package density and is used to calculate the price of shipping. Dimensional weight is essentially a measure of how much space a package will take up during transport.[1]

To calculate dimensional shipping weight, use the following formula.

dimensional weight = cubic inches / dim divisor

Thus, the dimensional shipping weight in pounds is equal to the package volume in cubic inches divided by the dim divisor. The dim divisor varies by carrier and shipping class, but is often 166 for USPS[2] or 139 for UPS[3] and Fedex[4].

The volume of a package in cubic inches can be found by measuring the length in inches by the width in inches by the height in inches.

volume = length × width × height

For example, let’s find the dimensional shipping weight of a package that is 24″ x 16″ x 12″ for UPS shipping.

volume = 24″ × 16″ × 12″
volume = 4608 cu in

dimensional weight = 4608 cu in / 139
dimensional weight = 33.15 lbs

So, the dimensional weight of this package is 33.15 pounds when shipping via UPS.

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