Cost to Install a Glass Shower Door – 2024 Prices

Glass shower doors can add resale value to your home and are often the most prominent component of your bathroom. These usually have an advantage over screens and curtains, in that they look more attractive and are easier to clean.

With a shower door, you can also see a custom shower without a curtain in the way. Shower doors and enclosures can also allow you to configure your shower in different ways than a curtain may allow.

Our calculator shows the average project prices throughout the country, and our guide below explains how to estimate the cost of a shower door installation.

2024 Glass Shower Door Costs

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National Average Price $1,700
Typical Price Range $900 - $2,500

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Glass Shower Door?

Many homeowners pay between $900 and $2,500 to get a new glass shower door installed, though the average price is right at $1,700.

Some variables to consider are whether the door be framed or unframed, frosted or tinted, slide or bi-fold, curved or flat, whether it’s custom or readymade, and if you DIY or hire a professional. In addition, shower doors may be part of a larger glass enclosure – the more glass the project requires, the higher the total costs.

Average Glass Shower Door Prices

There are many types of glass shower doors to choose from, including stock doors you can purchase and install as a DIY project, as well as custom-made doors with or without frames.

Framed & Sliding Door Prices

Framed and sliding glass doors make up the most significant batch of stock glass shower doors, which is usually the least expensive option.

A framed door has an aluminum frame for support, so it can be thinner than a frameless door. Framed doors may pivot or slide to open.

Sliding doors move in a track and may have one fixed panel and one moving panel or two moving panels.

The average price of these items is $200 to $700, depending on the thickness of the glass, tinting, and the material used to frame the doors. Framed doors are also the most frequently self-installed.

Replacing a sliding or framed door will take two people only an hour or two to complete and typically costs around $500 to $1,000. This project includes tearing out and disposing of the old door, installing, leak-proofing, and adding hardware to the new door when necessary.

Semi-Frameless Door Prices

Because these glass doors usually use thicker, tempered, or laminated glass, they are more durable and also more expensive. These doors start around $250 but can cost as much as $2,000.

Also, there is some confusion about what constitutes a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless door. A semi-frameless typically only has metal frames on the hinged side and bottom of the door.

These doors can be part of larger enclosures as well as simple doors. Some sliding doors may be semi-frameless, as they need a track to slide on.

Frameless Door Prices

Frameless designs average between $600 – $5,000 and produce a more spacious look. Frameless doors usually get affixed to the wall or enclosure with clips or hinges.

Frameless doors are most commonly used with full glass enclosures. This may mean two or three walls of glass with a door. It’s also possible to get frameless “splash guards” or sheets of glass that attach at one end of the shower but are open at the other end, preventing spray from leaving the shower but allowing entry without a full door.

Typically, plate glass used in this manner is at least 3/8 of an inch thick or 10 mm, which averages $7 per square foot or $10 per square foot for 1/2″ plate glass. Low Iron Glass (LIG), which many sellers call “Ultra Clear,” “Krystal Klear,” “Ultra White,” or another variation, is a high-quality, silica-based glass substitute, which averages $15 per square foot for 3/8″ or $19 per square foot for 1/2″.

It’s possible to have many treatments applied to this type of glass as well, including anti-fog, and easy clean coatings. You can also use thick plate glass that has been frosted or given a finish like “wave” or “bubble” to provide some privacy to the shower as well.

All of these finishes have starting costs around $15 per square foot.

Curved Glass Door Prices

Neo-angle and curved glass doors (these could be framed, semi-frameless, or frameless) are generally the most expensive, especially those that must be custom-made. Many corner shower stalls use curved sliding glass doors to save space. The minimum cost is around $900 to $2,000, and the price goes up from there.

Installation of these custom doors often requires special tools, and when the contractor has to buy new tools for your project, they will typically pass that expense on to you. Not only do these cost more to make, but they will also cost more to install.

Glass Enclosure Prices

Stock 30″ by 30″ glass enclosure averages $400 – $2,000 and will cost another $350 – $1,000 to install. Shower enclosures come in stock sizes from 30″ to 36″ square in most building supply stores. Larger enclosures and those contractors create cost more.

Custom glass enclosures are made to order and take roughly 6 weeks to produce. Your shower must be finished for the final measurements to be taken.

Custom enclosures have higher costs but can accommodate half-walls for adjacent tubs or can create large shower “rooms”. They have costs starting at around $5,000 installed and can go much higher depending on size and options.

Other Considerations and Enhancements

There are a few upgrades that can impact the cost of a glass door that should also be considered when planning a shower project.

Cost of Shower Door Hardware

The hardware you choose for your glass doors is an essential consideration, as these can add significantly to the overall look and expense. Bright chrome, stainless steel, or brass hinges and handles can enhance the design.

These could add $200 – $300 to your project’s expense. If you want to put a towel rail in the door, this will raise the costs even more.

Cost of Tinted or Frosted Glass

Frosted glass usually averages an additional $10 to $12 per square foot from a window tinting company and up to $20 per square foot for intricate designs. All custom shower door companies offer this service, but the exact color and options available will vary by manufacturer.

Upgrading the Shower

Upgraded glass shower doors are often installed when doing a shower renovation. Installing tile or new fixtures in the shower to match the new door hardware can be an attractive upgrade and a great project at the same time.

Since these doors are templated after the shower is complete, then made to order, you may need a temporary shower curtain if you want to use your shower in the meantime.

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DIY vs. Professional Install

How much experience, time, tools, and DIY talent you have will determine if you should do the shower glass door or hire a professional. General contractors charge $50 – $150 per hour for this type of project.

However, hiring a professional often means it will get completed quicker and look better.

Custom shower doors are generally installed by the manufacturer. The cost is usually included in the total cost of the door. These companies will often have stock options as well that they can install.

Going with a company that deals only with shower glass installations means that you can be assured of the expertise of the installer and the final quality of the installation.

Get three or more estimates from home improvement professionals in your area. Compare the statement of work for each contractor or handyperson, and check references, licenses, and insurance.

Whatever the final cost, a quality glass shower door will give you years of value and add equity to your home.

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All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.