Cost to Install Bathroom Vanity – 2021 Price Guide

Are you planning to install a new bathroom vanity? Calculate the price using our cost calculator or read below to learn more about the cost of a vanity installation.

Bathroom Vanity Installation Cost Calculator

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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Vanity?

The vanity is usually the most significant piece in the bathroom aside from the bathtub, and it could be the central visual focus for the room. A master bath with a double sink can take up an entire wall.

The additional storage space under the sinks and countertop can be a costly, but valuable addition. Lighting, hardware, and mirrors can add significantly to this impressive display.

The average cost for a new bathroom vanity is around $1,500.[1] However, what you’ll end up paying will pay depends on many factors.

Bathroom with a double-sink dark wood vanity

Replacing a vanity with another vanity of the same size is an inexpensive project, but adding a new countertop, plumbing, a double sink, a custom-made vanity, or hiring a professional to install it, could add substantial cost and value.

Cost to Replace a Vanity

Replacing an old vanity with a similar size where the plumbing, electric, countertop, and basin will stay the same, should be reasonably inexpensive. This project will typically take a carpenter or handyperson an hour to complete.

Therefore, you will pay for the vanity, one hour of labor and materials, or about $100 to $150 for the installation. However, you will need to consider the possibility of repairs to tiles, sheetrock, and wall coverings when the new vanity is not the same size.

Adding a double sink where a single sink was previously will require hiring a plumber.

Countertop Costs

The cost of your bathroom vanity can change dramatically with your choice of countertop. Prefabricated countertops with integrated sinks range from $200 to $500 on average but can go higher depending on the size and material. Custom fabrication and high-grade materials will add to the price.

When you choose a genuine marble or quartz countertop for your custom-made vanity, it will add $65 to $75 per square foot to the price.[2]

Our countertop cost guide breaks down how much the typical materials cost.

Cost to Add New Plumbing

The expense of adding new plumbing may or may not get included in the price of installing a new sink. If the vanity is in a new location, then water lines and a drain will need to be installed. Check our plumbing cost guide to determine how much that might cost and to get estimates from plumbers in your area.

Plumbing modifications are often needed in a bathroom renovation, and the cost is usually less when coupled with other plumbing work in the same project.

Single Sink Vanity Prices

When you are adding a single-sink stock vanity, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 for the vanity. However, you could spend as much as $1,500.

The material used to build the stock cabinet and whether the sink, countertop, and hardware are part of the price will often factor into how much you will spend. Be careful when buying a vanity made of particleboard, as heat and moisture can lead to warping and bubbling.

Double Sink Vanity Prices

The double sink in master bathrooms is widespread these days. How you decide to set up and adorn a double sink, and whether you can use the old plumbing, will help with the budget.

Installing a double sink vanity is usually more expensive than a single sink, but for those with the space, the added cost versus the convenience may be well worth it. The vanity itself is not much more expensive than a single sink vanity, but you will need two sinks and hardware, and you might need to alter existing plumbing.

Stock or Custom-Made Vanity Prices

Choosing a stock vanity is quite often the most affordable choice, usually $50 to $2,500. Generally, stock cabinets will include a pre-cut countertop, hardware, and sink. However, you can usually get the same cabinet without their added amenities when you want another style. Choosing alternate enhancements can make a stock vanity more original.

Of course, getting your vanity built-in or custom-built will ensure its originality. However, choosing cherry, walnut, or other exotic woods cost more per board foot and add to the expense.

Using a Vintage Dresser

A modern trend is to use an old bureau or chest of drawers as their new bathroom vanity. These recycled dressers in a classic bathroom with a claw foot tub look stunning, could save money, and provide storage space for towels and hygiene products in the drawers.[3]

The homeowner typically adds a countertop, and sink or sinks. Often, sinks that sit on top of the countertop are the best bet, as it does not subtract from the storage space.

DIY Cost Savings

Installing a vanity is a task that can be done by a homeowner with the time, tools, and talent to do so. This could allow you to save $100 to $150 in installation labor versus hiring a professional. Just be sure to install the correct drain trap and plumbing lines to meet your local building codes.

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.


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