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1 wk = 0.019165 yr

How to Convert Weeks to Years

Calendars document the days in a month

Convert weeks to years with this simple formula:

years = weeks × 0.019165

Converting a week time measurement to a year measurement involves multiplying the time by the conversion ratio to find the result. One week is equal to 0.019165 years, so to convert simply multiply by 0.019165.

For example, here's how to convert 5 weeks to years using the formula above.
5 wk = (5 × 0.019165) = 0.095827 yr

Weeks and years are both units used to measure time. Learn more about time and find more time measurement conversion calculators. Weeks are a time measurement and can be abbreviated as wk, for example 1 wk. Years are a time measurement and can be abbreviated as yr, for example 1 yr.

weeks and years are units used to measure time
Convert Years to Weeks

Week Measurements and Equivalent Year Conversions

Common week values converted to the equivalent year value
Weeks Years
1 wk 0.019165 yr
2 wk 0.038331 yr
3 wk 0.057496 yr
4 wk 0.076661 yr
5 wk 0.095827 yr
6 wk 0.114992 yr
7 wk 0.134157 yr
8 wk 0.153323 yr
9 wk 0.172488 yr
10 wk 0.191653 yr
11 wk 0.210819 yr
12 wk 0.229984 yr
13 wk 0.24915 yr
14 wk 0.268315 yr
15 wk 0.28748 yr
16 wk 0.306646 yr
17 wk 0.325811 yr
18 wk 0.344976 yr
19 wk 0.364142 yr
20 wk 0.383307 yr
21 wk 0.402472 yr
22 wk 0.421638 yr
23 wk 0.440803 yr
24 wk 0.459968 yr
25 wk 0.479134 yr
26 wk 0.498299 yr
27 wk 0.517464 yr
28 wk 0.53663 yr
29 wk 0.555795 yr
30 wk 0.57496 yr
31 wk 0.594126 yr
32 wk 0.613291 yr
33 wk 0.632457 yr
34 wk 0.651622 yr
35 wk 0.670787 yr
36 wk 0.689953 yr
37 wk 0.709118 yr
38 wk 0.728283 yr
39 wk 0.747449 yr
40 wk 0.766614 yr

More Week Time Conversions

Convert to Centuries
1 wk is equal to 0.000192 centuries
Convert to Decades
1 wk is equal to 0.001917 decades
Convert to Months
1 wk is equal to 0.229984 months
Convert to Days
1 wk is equal to 7 days
Convert to Hours
1 wk is equal to 168 hours
Convert to Minutes
1 wk is equal to 10,080 minutes
Convert to Seconds
1 wk is equal to 604,800 seconds
Convert to Milliseconds
1 wk is equal to 604,800,000 milliseconds
Convert to Microseconds
1 wk is equal to 604,800,000,000 microseconds
Convert to Nanoseconds
1 wk is equal to 604,800,000,000,000 nanoseconds

Unit of Measurement Conversion Made Easy!

There are thousands of units of measure in use across the globe, and converting from one to another can be very difficult since each conversion requires a different formula to derive the result. Our unit of measurement conversion tools are meant to be dead easy. We break the mold of the typical dry and complicated experience. In addition to converting from one measurement to another, we provide the formula so you can see how the conversion is done, use it on you’re own calculator if you need to!

Convert units of length, weight, volume, and area between imperial and metric measures

Understanding the Metric System

The metric system makes it relatively easy to convert from one metric unit to another metric unit. The metric system uses a base unit, think meters or grams, and a prefix such as kilo or milli. The prefixes differ from the base units by differing powers of 10. So to convert within the metric system it’s usually a matter of multiplying or dividing by one of the powers of 10.

Here is a list of some of the common metric prefixes:

  • “kilo” – 1,000x larger
  • “hecto” – 100x larger
  • “deca” – 10x larger
  • “deci” – 10x smaller
  • “centi” – 100x smaller
  • “milli” – 1,000x smaller

There is a helpful mnemonic for remembering the prefixes: “King Henry Died Until Drinking Chocolate Milk.”
The u in Until refers to the base unit.