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1 st℧ = 1.1123E-6 μS

How to Convert Statmhos to Microsiemens

To convert a statmho measurement to a microsiemens measurement, multiply the electrical conductance by the conversion ratio. One statmho is equal to 1.1123E-6 microsiemens, so use this simple formula to convert:

microsiemens = statmhos × 1.1123E-6

The electrical conductance in microsiemens is equal to the statmhos multiplied by 1.1123E-6.

For example, here's how to convert 5 statmhos to microsiemens using the formula above.
5 st℧ = (5 × 1.1123E-6) = 5.5617E-6 μS

Statmhos and microsiemens are both units used to measure electrical conductance. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


One statmho is the electrical conductance equal to an increase in current of one statampere for every increase in electrical potential difference of one statvolt. One statmho is equal to 0.0000011123 microsiemens.

The statmho is a centimeter-gram-second (CGS) electrostatic unit of electrical conductance. A statmho is sometimes also referred to as an ESU. Statmhos can be abbreviated as st℧, for example 1 statmho can be written as 1 st℧.


The microsiemens is the SI defined unit equal to the micromho. One microsiemens is the electrical conductance equal to 1/1,000,000 of a siemens, which is equal to one ampere per volt.

The microsiemens is a multiple of the siemens, which is the SI derived unit for electrical conductance. In the metric system, "micro" is the prefix for 10-6. Microsiemens can be abbreviated as μS, for example 1 microsiemens can be written as 1 μS.

Statmho Measurements and Equivalent Microsiemens Conversions

Common statmho values converted to the equivalent microsiemens value
Statmhos Microsiemens
1 st℧ 0.0000011123 μS
2 st℧ 0.0000022247 μS
3 st℧ 0.000003337 μS
4 st℧ 0.0000044494 μS
5 st℧ 0.0000055617 μS
6 st℧ 0.0000066741 μS
7 st℧ 0.0000077864 μS
8 st℧ 0.0000088988 μS
9 st℧ 0.000010011 μS
10 st℧ 0.000011123 μS
11 st℧ 0.000012236 μS
12 st℧ 0.000013348 μS
13 st℧ 0.000014461 μS
14 st℧ 0.000015573 μS
15 st℧ 0.000016685 μS
16 st℧ 0.000017798 μS
17 st℧ 0.00001891 μS
18 st℧ 0.000020022 μS
19 st℧ 0.000021135 μS
20 st℧ 0.000022247 μS
21 st℧ 0.000023359 μS
22 st℧ 0.000024472 μS
23 st℧ 0.000025584 μS
24 st℧ 0.000026696 μS
25 st℧ 0.000027809 μS
26 st℧ 0.000028921 μS
27 st℧ 0.000030033 μS
28 st℧ 0.000031146 μS
29 st℧ 0.000032258 μS
30 st℧ 0.00003337 μS
31 st℧ 0.000034483 μS
32 st℧ 0.000035595 μS
33 st℧ 0.000036707 μS
34 st℧ 0.00003782 μS
35 st℧ 0.000038932 μS
36 st℧ 0.000040044 μS
37 st℧ 0.000041157 μS
38 st℧ 0.000042269 μS
39 st℧ 0.000043382 μS
40 st℧ 0.000044494 μS

More Statmho Electrical Conductance Conversions

SI Units
Convert to Siemens
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-12 siemens
Convert to Millisiemens
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-9 millisiemens
Convert to Kilosiemens
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-15 kilosiemens
Convert to Megasiemens
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-18 megasiemens
Metre-Kilogram-Second Units
Convert to Mhos
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-12 mhos
Convert to Micromhos
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-6 micromhos
Centimetre–Gram–Second Units
Convert to Abmhos
1 st℧ is equal to 1.1123E-21 abmhos