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1 statA = 3.3356E-6 mA

How to Convert Statamperes to Milliamperes

To convert a statampere measurement to a milliampere measurement, multiply the electric current by the conversion ratio. One statampere is equal to 3.3356E-6 milliamperes, so use this simple formula to convert:

milliamperes = statamperes × 3.3356E-6

The electric current in milliamperes is equal to the statamperes multiplied by 3.3356E-6.

For example, here's how to convert 5 statamperes to milliamperes using the formula above.
5 statA = (5 × 3.3356E-6) = 1.6678E-5 mA

Statamperes and milliamperes are both units used to measure electric current. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


The statmpere is the electrical current constant equal to the flow of one statcoulomb per second, or 0.33356 nanoamperes in the International System of Units.

The statampere is a centimeter-gram-second (CGS) electrostatic unit of electric current. Statamperes can be abbreviated as statA, and are also sometimes abbreviated as A-esu. For example, 1 statampere can be written as 1 statA or 1 A-esu.


One milliampere is equal to 1/1,000 of an ampere, which is the electrical current equal to the flow of one coulomb per second.

The milliampere is a multiple of the ampere, which is the SI base unit for electric current. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix for 10-3. A milliampere is sometimes also referred to as a milliamp. Milliamperes can be abbreviated as mA, for example 1 milliampere can be written as 1 mA.

Statampere Measurements and Equivalent Milliampere Conversions

Common statampere values converted to the equivalent milliampere value
Statamperes Milliamperes
1 statA 0.0000033356 mA
2 statA 0.0000066713 mA
3 statA 0.000010007 mA
4 statA 0.000013343 mA
5 statA 0.000016678 mA
6 statA 0.000020014 mA
7 statA 0.000023349 mA
8 statA 0.000026685 mA
9 statA 0.000030021 mA
10 statA 0.000033356 mA
11 statA 0.000036692 mA
12 statA 0.000040028 mA
13 statA 0.000043363 mA
14 statA 0.000046699 mA
15 statA 0.000050035 mA
16 statA 0.00005337 mA
17 statA 0.000056706 mA
18 statA 0.000060042 mA
19 statA 0.000063377 mA
20 statA 0.000066713 mA
21 statA 0.000070048 mA
22 statA 0.000073384 mA
23 statA 0.00007672 mA
24 statA 0.000080055 mA
25 statA 0.000083391 mA
26 statA 0.000086727 mA
27 statA 0.000090062 mA
28 statA 0.000093398 mA
29 statA 0.000096734 mA
30 statA 0.0001 mA
31 statA 0.000103 mA
32 statA 0.000107 mA
33 statA 0.00011 mA
34 statA 0.000113 mA
35 statA 0.000117 mA
36 statA 0.00012 mA
37 statA 0.000123 mA
38 statA 0.000127 mA
39 statA 0.00013 mA
40 statA 0.000133 mA

More Statampere Electric Current Conversions

SI Units
Convert to Amperes
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-9 amperes
Convert to Kiloamperes
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-12 kiloamperes
Convert to Megaamperes
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-15 megaamperes
Centimetre–Gram–Second Units
Convert to Biots
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-10 biots
Convert to Abamperes
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-10 abamperes
Other Units
Convert to Coulombs Per Second
1 statA is equal to 3.3356E-9 coulombs per second