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1 r = 400g

How to Convert Revolutions to Grad Using an Easy Conversion Formula

Protractors are often used to measure angle

Convert revolutions to grad with this simple formula:

grad = revolutions × 400

Converting a revolution angle measurement to a grad measurement involves multiplying your angle by the conversion ratio to find the result. A revolution is equal to 400 grad, so to convert simply multiply by 400.

For example:
5 r = (5 × 400) = 2,000g

Revolutions and grad are both units used to measure angle. Learn more about angle and find more angle measurement conversion calculators. A revolution is an angle measurement and can be abbreviated as r, for example 1 r. A grad is an angle measurement and can be abbreviated as g, for example 1g.

A grad, more specifically a gradian, is equal to 1/400 of a circle or 9/10°. The grad simplifies the measurements of right angles, as 90° is equal to 100 grad.

Right angles in gradians
0 grad
100 grad90°
200 grad180°
300 grad270°
400 grad360°

A revolution is equal to 1 rotation around a circle, or 360°. Revolutions are commonly used to measure the speed of rotation, for example when measuring the revolutions per minute(RPM) of a vehicle's engine.

revolutions and grad are units used to measure angle
Convert Grad to Revolutions

Revolution Measurements and Equivalent Grad Conversions

Common revolution values converted to the equivalent grad value
Revolutions Grad
1 r 400g
2 r 800g
3 r 1,200g
4 r 1,600g
5 r 2,000g
6 r 2,400g
7 r 2,800g
8 r 3,200g
9 r 3,600g
10 r 4,000g
11 r 4,400g
12 r 4,800g
13 r 5,200g
14 r 5,600g
15 r 6,000g
16 r 6,400g
17 r 6,800g
18 r 7,200g
19 r 7,600g
20 r 8,000g
21 r 8,400g
22 r 8,800g
23 r 9,200g
24 r 9,600g
25 r 10,000g
26 r 10,400g
27 r 10,800g
28 r 11,200g
29 r 11,600g
30 r 12,000g
31 r 12,400g
32 r 12,800g
33 r 13,200g
34 r 13,600g
35 r 14,000g
36 r 14,400g
37 r 14,800g
38 r 15,200g
39 r 15,600g
40 r 16,000g

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