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1 arcmin = 0.018519g

How to Convert Minutes Of Arc to Gradians

Protractors are often used to measure angle

To convert a minute of arc measurement to a gradian measurement, multiply the angle by the conversion ratio. One minute of arc is equal to 0.018519 gradians, so use this simple formula to convert:

gradians = minutes of arc × 0.018519

The angle in gradians is equal to the minutes of arc multiplied by 0.018519.

For example, here's how to convert 5 minutes of arc to gradians using the formula above.
5' = (5 × 0.018519) = 0.092593g

Minutes of arc and gradians are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Minutes Of Arc

The minute of arc is a unit of angle equal to 1/60th of one degree, or 1/21,600 of a circle. The minute of arc is also equal to π/10,800 radians.

A minute of arc is sometimes also referred to as an arc minute, arcminute, or minute arc. Minutes of arc can be abbreviated as arcmin, and are also sometimes abbreviated as MOA or amin. For example, 1 minute of arc can be written as 1 arcmin, 1 MOA, or 1 amin.

The minute of arc is most commonly represented using the prime (′), although the single-quote is commonly used. For instance, 1 minute of is most commonly expressed as 1′.


A gradian is equal to 1/400 of a revolution or circle, or 9/10°. This unit simplifies the measurements of right angles, as 90° is equal to 100 gradians.

Right angles in gradians
0 grad
100 grad90°
200 grad180°
300 grad270°
400 grad360°

A gradian is sometimes also referred to as a grad, gon, or grade. Gradians can be abbreviated as g, and are also sometimes abbreviated as gr or grd. For example, 1 gradian can be written as 1g, 1 gr, or 1 grd.

Minute Of Arc Measurements and Equivalent Gradian Conversions

Common minute of arc values converted to the equivalent gradian value
Minutes Of Arc Gradians
1' 0.018519g
2' 0.037037g
3' 0.055556g
4' 0.074074g
5' 0.092593g
6' 0.111111g
7' 0.12963g
8' 0.148148g
9' 0.166667g
10' 0.185185g
11' 0.203704g
12' 0.222222g
13' 0.240741g
14' 0.259259g
15' 0.277778g
16' 0.296296g
17' 0.314815g
18' 0.333333g
19' 0.351852g
20' 0.37037g
21' 0.388889g
22' 0.407407g
23' 0.425926g
24' 0.444444g
25' 0.462963g
26' 0.481481g
27' 0.5g
28' 0.518519g
29' 0.537037g
30' 0.555556g
31' 0.574074g
32' 0.592593g
33' 0.611111g
34' 0.62963g
35' 0.648148g
36' 0.666667g
37' 0.685185g
38' 0.703704g
39' 0.722222g
40' 0.740741g

More Minute Of Arc Angle Conversions

Convert to Radians
1' is equal to 0.000291 radians
Convert to Milliradians
1' is equal to 0.290888 milliradians
Convert to Degrees
1' is equal to 0.016667 degrees
Convert to Seconds Of Arc
1' is equal to 60 seconds of arc
Convert to Revolutions
1' is equal to 4.6296E-5 revolutions
Convert to Circles
1' is equal to 4.6296E-5 circles
Convert to Mils (NATO)
1' is equal to 0.296296 mils (NATO)