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1 r = 6,283.185307 mrad

How to Convert Revolutions to Milliradians

Protractors are often used to measure angle

To convert a revolution measurement to a milliradian measurement, multiply the angle by the conversion ratio.

Since one revolution is equal to 6,283.185307 milliradians, you can use this simple formula to convert:

milliradians = revolutions × 6,283.185307

The angle in milliradians is equal to the revolutions multiplied by 6,283.185307.

For example, here's how to convert 5 revolutions to milliradians using the formula above.
5 r = (5 × 6,283.185307) = 31,415.926536 mrad

Revolutions and milliradians are both units used to measure angle. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


A revolution, or turn, is equal to 1 rotation around a circle, or 360°. Revolutions are commonly used to measure the speed of rotation, for example when measuring the revolutions per minute (RPM) of a vehicle's engine.

A revolution is sometimes also referred to as a turn, cycle, or complete rotation. Revolutions can be abbreviated as r, and are also sometimes abbreviated as rev or cyc. For example, 1 revolution can be written as 1 r, 1 rev, or 1 cyc.


A milliradian is equal to 1/1,000 of a radian. One degree is equal to 0.0573 milliradians and there are 6,283 milliradians in a full revolution/circle. The milliradian is also a commonly used unit in mathematics.

The milliradian is a multiple of the radian, which is the SI derived unit for angle. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix for 10-3. A milliradian is sometimes also referred to as a mil. Milliradians can be abbreviated as mrad; for example, 1 milliradian can be written as 1 mrad.

Revolution to Milliradian Conversion Table

Revolution measurements converted to milliradians
Revolutions Milliradians
0.001 r 6.2832 mrad
0.002 r 12.57 mrad
0.003 r 18.85 mrad
0.004 r 25.13 mrad
0.005 r 31.42 mrad
0.006 r 37.7 mrad
0.007 r 43.98 mrad
0.008 r 50.27 mrad
0.009 r 56.55 mrad
0.01 r 62.83 mrad
0.02 r 125.66 mrad
0.03 r 188.5 mrad
0.04 r 251.33 mrad
0.05 r 314.16 mrad
0.06 r 376.99 mrad
0.07 r 439.82 mrad
0.08 r 502.65 mrad
0.09 r 565.49 mrad
0.1 r 628.32 mrad
0.2 r 1,257 mrad
0.3 r 1,885 mrad
0.4 r 2,513 mrad
0.5 r 3,142 mrad
0.6 r 3,770 mrad
0.7 r 4,398 mrad
0.8 r 5,027 mrad
0.9 r 5,655 mrad
1 r 6,283 mrad