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1 mN = 0.003597 ozf

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How to Convert Millinewtons to Ounce-Force

To convert a measurement in millinewtons to a measurement in ounce-force, multiply the force by the following conversion ratio: 0.003597 ounce-force/millinewton.

Since one millinewton is equal to 0.003597 ounce-force, you can use this simple formula to convert:

ounce-force = millinewtons × 0.003597

The force in ounce-force is equal to the force in millinewtons multiplied by 0.003597.

For example, here's how to convert 500 millinewtons to ounce-force using the formula above.
ounce-force = (500 mN × 0.003597) = 1.798472 ozf

Millinewtons and ounce-force are both units used to measure force. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Millinewton?

One millinewton is equal to 1/1,000 of a newton, which is equal to the force needed to move one kilogram of mass at a rate of one meter per second squared.

The millinewton is a multiple of the newton, which is the SI derived unit for force. In the metric system, "milli" is the prefix for thousandths, or 10-3. Millinewtons can be abbreviated as mN; for example, 1 millinewton can be written as 1 mN.

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What Is Ounce-Force?

Ounce-force is a unit of force equal to the force needed to move one ounce of mass at a rate of 32.174049 feet per second squared. One ounce of force is equal to 1/16th of a pound of force.

The ounce-force is a US customary and imperial unit of force. Ounce-force can be abbreviated as ozf, and are also sometimes abbreviated as ozF. For example, 1 ounce-force can be written as 1 ozf or 1 ozF.

Ounce-force can be expressed using the formula: 1 ozf = 32.174049 ozft / s2

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Millinewton to Ounce-Force Conversion Table

Table showing various millinewton measurements converted to ounce-force.
Millinewtons Ounce-force
1 mN 0.003597 ozf
2 mN 0.007194 ozf
3 mN 0.010791 ozf
4 mN 0.014388 ozf
5 mN 0.017985 ozf
6 mN 0.021582 ozf
7 mN 0.025179 ozf
8 mN 0.028776 ozf
9 mN 0.032372 ozf
10 mN 0.035969 ozf
20 mN 0.071939 ozf
30 mN 0.107908 ozf
40 mN 0.143878 ozf
50 mN 0.179847 ozf
60 mN 0.215817 ozf
70 mN 0.251786 ozf
80 mN 0.287755 ozf
90 mN 0.323725 ozf
100 mN 0.359694 ozf
200 mN 0.719389 ozf
300 mN 1.0791 ozf
400 mN 1.4388 ozf
500 mN 1.7985 ozf
600 mN 2.1582 ozf
700 mN 2.5179 ozf
800 mN 2.8776 ozf
900 mN 3.2372 ozf
1,000 mN 3.5969 ozf

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